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Early Morning

  • 224.5km
  • 2,087m
  • 5:55:31
    Moving Time


  1. David Adams

    Such an inspiration Froomie! Training for the Mallorca 312 and your stats are giving me a boost!!

  2. Gareth V.

    Wow - super ride!

  3. Antoinette Viljoen

    What a ride!! Specially in the hot weather! 😊

  4. Kevin Miller

    C'mon Chris gimme kudos

  5. Conrad D.

    05:04 isn't early FROOMEY! But man alive, look at that speed. And it was p03s hot today!! Excellent ride!

  6. Orlando F.

    Nice work!

  7. Lewis Fossard

    Joe vassay not real

  8. Sandro M.

    Inumane work!!! Great Ride!!!

  9. Lloyd Robinson

    Nice one Chris😀😺. Seen u in the cradle almost every morning lately. South jhb ain’t as pretty but must have been a nice change of scenery still.

  10. Laurent B.


  11. Geoffrey B.


  12. Carl Micklethwaite

    Amazing !

  13. Gillian F.

    It might be zzzzzz to you but I’m having so much fun checking whose KOMs you’ve stolen 😂👌🏻

  14. ahmed rahim

    Njoying the heat in good ‘ol SA

  15. Bennie de Hamer

    Hope you had the wind in the back😉

  16. Hayden B.

    KOM robber

  17. COLIN Menzies

    Loving the weather! Every ride here in Royal Deeside Scotland this week has been sub zero. Welcome to join us sometime?!

  18. Josh Peck

    Wow!! Such an inspiration Chris 👍🏼

  19. Ruan Smit

    hey chris thanks for the ride today at stonehaven was very nice

  20. Benjamin Cuadra

    Maquina culia!!!

  21. David P.

    No macayu!!

  22. Jonathan B.

    You’re a machine... great to have a world class athlete pedal these segments. Chris Froome when can we expect an Argus or 947 effort?

  23. Will T.

    Hi chris thank you. You are my inspiration.

  24. Armel V.

    Amazing ride! Your greatest french fan

  25. Eli D.

    José E. Teixeira MachitoAhi

  26. Rob Cowie

    Of course the first Stonehaven race I miss...

  27. José E. Teixeira

    Eli del Castillo 1083k en una semana jajajaja... y eso que descansó un día!

  28. Mandisa M.


  29. Noel Pagan


  30. Aaron CyclingChoice


  31. Ednei Roberto

    Great, froome.

  32. Owen Ingarfield

    Machine! Hope you are enjoying being back in SA. 🇿🇦 Come to Cape Town we have some mountains here!

  33. Gordon X

    Just a casual stroll by a great 😃 nice!

  34. James Barzda

    John Lucock (MP Cycle Coaching) this similar to your January form 😂👌

  35. Matteo B.


  36. Arvir Mendoza

    Real champion!

  37. Jordan Benjamin-Sutton

    Great Ride Froomey, didn’t realise you were on Strava!🤘🚴

  38. Stephane Latini

    Amazing ride!!!! 👍💪

  39. Llowes F.

    You do know people this isn’t the real chris froome, he isn’t even in South Africa

  40. Eddie A.

    All the best Chris, keep the faith we all believe in you, if your ever have a spare day or so the might " Deeping Peloton" would always welcome you for a training ride lol

  41. Charlie Passfield

    Do you want any tips from Ollie Hayward ?

  42. Paul Golledge

    So nice to see you on Strava. How you have a great year 💪💪

  43. Esme Rossouw

    Llowes Frost. Actually it is the real Chris Froome. He posted this link on his Twitter.

  44. Ollie Hayward

    Charlie Passfield the fact he calls that an early morning is questionable 😉

  45. Chris R.


  46. Granja Cia

    looks like the Giro Italia a wrap, then le tour, has anyone had four grands on the trot?

  47. arnaud delhaye

    Martin Rossius 2091119326912 petite moyenne d entraînement ici

  48. Martin R.


  49. Graham B.

    Superman! Brilliant Chris

  50. Craig Baker

    23+ mph!!!! Sheeeeet. That’s moving!!!