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Putting the DC back in DC Rainmaker (one day special)

  • 6.2mi
  • 47:06
    Moving Time
  • 7:31/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,018


  1. Joel R.

    Good work man. Hey do you know anything about GPS watches?

  2. David E.

    Nice to get the 70 degree January day in DC.

  3. Tim V.

    No tour down under this year?

  4. DC Rainmaker

    On the way to the TDU as we speak!!!

  5. Tim V.

    Excellent. Hopefully will get to say hello to you during the week. Going to be scorching hot on Thursday

  6. DC Rainmaker

    Sweet! Here's one spot to do it! https://twitter.com/muZZkat/status/949739563085316096

  7. Derrick B.

    Looks like you were dicking around on this run.

  8. Chris G.

    @Derrick - nah, more like a guitar....

  9. Kyle Denlinger

    Too bad! I could have met you for a run. Have fun in Australia for the next while!

  10. Baltsu -

    Yeah, it's definitely a guitar.

  11. Peter F.

    70’s glam rock guitar 🎸

  12. Mark R.

    Welcome home.