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Brass Monkey HM, my birthday treat: 75:33 [edit: :28 chip], 2nd V45, beer money won. 84.86% WAVA, best ever. Chuffed.

  • 13.1mi
  • 1:15:33
    Moving Time
  • 5:46/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,464


  1. Jamie W.

    Fantastic time - congratulations!

  2. David A.

    Congratulations - great effort!

  3. Lee T.

    Super stuff Charlie, well done!!

  4. Martín González Martínez

    Congrats Charlie! 💪🏼 well done!

  5. James T.


  6. Anna R.

    Briliant! 👏👏

  7. Matt Lalor

    Congratulations Charlie, good to meet you!

  8. Jon A.

    Great running Charlie

  9. Mark F.

    Great running Charlie, Congratulations and good to meet you!

  10. Gavin H.

    That's a superb run. Red Lion?

  11. Rich Spooner

    What a last mile! Great run and nice to meet you :-)

  12. Chris Darling

    Well done! Just short of renewing another 2 years for VLM champ start....!!! Have to wait till next time for that

  13. Charlie Wartnaby

    Thanks all! Was on the train all afternoon so just catching up... amazing performance there Matt and big congrats on that landmark PB Mark. DavidA -- much slower than your runs of old! Rich -- pleasure to meet you. Gavin: you bettya!

  14. Makka 🏃

    £1 profit! Good work!

  15. Neil T.

    Boom, awesome!