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Day 1 of Friends Life Women's tour

  • 94.3km
  • 1,167m
  • 2:31:24
    Moving Time
  • 138
    Relative Effort


  1. Ben W.

    Lots of trophies x

  2. troy backhouse VCC

    Great ride Dani

  3. Strava A.

    Brilliant ride considering the stiff wind for most of the way , with a tailwind every KOM would have been smashed


    That looks tough - great ride Dani

  5. Brian M.

    Looking forward to watching tonight, great ride well done!

  6. Brian C.

    See you in Hinckley tomorrow, hope he weather's good.

  7. Lynn Dunn

    Great riding in windy conditions. Keep pedalling!

  8. Lee S.

    I will be watching stage 3 and 5, great ride today

  9. Lesley Lloyd-Anderson

    You gotta love strava, great ride today and what a great atmosphere at Northampton. See you tomorrow at Kilworth qom

  10. David T.

    Great ride Dani, that wind must have been hell today.

  11. Callum B.

    Brilliant. I see u once at the national cyclig center when i was there with navy. Incredible the form that your in. And the job you have. Am jelouse!