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DC Rainmaker

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
  • 89
    Activities in 2018
  • 1,540.1
    miles Ridden in 2018
  • 11512

Beautiful Beaches for Miles

Ride February 4, 2018
  • 33.7mi
  • 2,035ft
  • 1:53:48
    Moving Time
  • 1,660
  • 29
    Relative Effort
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  1. 🇨🇴Gavin Magowan DCC 🇨🇴
    🇨🇴Gavin Magowan DCC 🇨🇴

    How did you take that photo it looks really good

  2. DC Rainmaker
    DC Rainmaker

    GoPro Fusion camera.

  3. 🇨🇴Gavin Magowan DCC 🇨🇴
    🇨🇴Gavin Magowan DCC 🇨🇴

    I’m going to try that DC many thanks

  4. Manuel V.
    Manuel V.

    Super stable Heartrate 😁

  5. Nick V.
    Nick V.

    Hope you applied sunscreen riding at that time of day 🔥☀️🥓😂

  6. Kelly L.
    Kelly L.

    As a ginger kid myself, I'd consider stepping up from sunscreen to sun sleeves actually...

  7. Peter C.
    Peter C.

    Welcome to Perth. It was very cool to see your riding the same places I do. Enjoy

  8. Bob Macadam
    Bob Macadam

    Now you’re going to have to tell us which HRM failed today...couldn’t have been operator error?!?

  9. DC Rainmaker
    DC Rainmaker

    It was a Wahoo TICKR X, but given that it was paired to three other head units and those recorded without issue, the failure wasn't with the TICKR X.

  10. Adam Leszko
    Adam Leszko

    is it the AirHub thing on Your front wheel?

  11. DC Rainmaker
  12. Laurence W.
    Laurence W.

    @DC Laurence from Hammerhead here. Just to confirm your TICKR X state. If it was paired to another head unit or smartphone via BTLE then it will not log on a second device (Karoo). Pair over ANT+ and, as you know, it will log to Karoo or any other device that has scanned and paired with it. If you had indeed only had the Karoo on Bluetooth paired to the TickrX then we would love to take a make careful look at this. Happy you are hitting those beautiful roads with our product. Looking forward to more feedback and ride reports.

  13. DC Rainmaker
    DC Rainmaker

    Thanks Laurence. Only paired via BLE to Karoo, rest were via ANT+. It’s odd that it randomly recovered in the last few mins of the ride.

  14. Laurence W.
    Laurence W.

    Thanks for the head's up. The new BLE stack will be out in an update tomorrow and better manages searching and re-pairing.

  15. Steve R.
    Steve R.

    I think you mean 'beaches for kilometres' ;)


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