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Sequoia / Kings loop via Whitaker

  • 97.9mi
  • 11,568ft
  • 6:54:46
    Moving Time
  • 4,835


  1. Nomad /.
    Nomad /.

    Truly epic.

  2. Ryan Wilson

    This is definitely one worth making the trip out for, Louis.

  3. Nomad /.
    Nomad /.

    On the list. Need too can conquer some local giants first.

  4. Gary Campbell

    Hey Ryan- got your kudo and looked you up. Nice to meet your group Sat. Glad you made it safe. Good ride!, Isn't that an awesome descent into Three Rivers from the Park?

  5. Ryan Wilson

    It's one of the best!  Especially since it's been repaved.  Big step up from the first time I did it while it was under construction last year.

  6. Gary Campbell

    Nice photos of the ride.

  7. Ryan Wilson


  8. Chad Seeger

    Knobs required? Or road tires okay?

  9. Ryan Wilson

    Road tires are fine, Chad. I've done this road a few times, and always on 23's. 25's or 28's would be ideal though.

  10. Tim Bolton

    Sweet ride. I'm debating bringing the gravel bike for our 6 day stay but based on this route it appears there are some dirt roads.