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Happy with the result after yesterday.

  • 173.1km
  • 3,478m
  • 4:57:32
    Moving Time
  • 4,916
  • 152
    Relative Effort


  1. Orlando S.

    It always amazes me how low your average heart rate is compared to the power you put out!

  2. Daniel Kemp

    Awesome Laurens. Great climb. What's your sense on wiggins' form? Stronger than before?

  3. SUFFERvision .

    Congrats!  Video + telemetry: http://www.suffervision.com/v/6266885700059136

  4. Ken Johnson

    Excellent effort with two HC climbs and 90+ temps.  Tomorrow will be better, weather wise, from Monterey to Cambria.  Enjoy the sea air and 70-80 degree temps along beautiful Highway 1 - the best views in the world.  It'll be 100+ on Diablo tomorrow, so it's best to get the hell out of Dodge.

  5. Ant W.

    Awesome to watch roadside-u were just gliding up diablo!

  6. Ralf V.

    Top gereden Lau, vasthouden dan is top 5 haalbaar. Stage 6 misschien iets voor jou?
    Succes vanuit Maastricht !

  7. Dean V.

    Ik was aanwezig op de top van diablo lau super gedaan!!!!!!!

  8. Rob H.

    Goed hersteld van gisteren topper

  9. Bruce McConnell

    Nice job! Have a nice picture I shot with you in it at the 3k to go.

  10. Otto Martinez

    Fantastic ride with the lead group!!

  11. Albert van der Meij

    Daar zijn we erg blij mee. Veel succes verder!!!

  12. Spartacus F.

    Good job buddy, hot out there

  13. Aart V.

    Great job Laurens!!! Keep up

  14. Ron H.

    Goed hersteld lau

  15. Marcel D.

    Glad you're OK.

  16. Mark 'special' K.

    Brilliant ride LTD, fixed watching live on TV last night as the rain poured down in England, looked hot in California!

  17. Mauro Martini@gruppo somec

    thanks for using strava

  18. Di D.

    Bikkel, "gewoon"weer op de fiets gaan zitten..... Een voetballer zou een maand niet meer voetballen n gepamperd worden!!

  19. Vince C.

    sorry to hear you had a collision in the TT.  Haven't heard any news about it, just that you were down at the finish on Cyclingnews Live Coverage. Then one of the Belking Team guys said you weren't ok when I asked but that you were going to start anyway.

  20. Arjan Stroomberg

    Goeie terugkomer Laurens!

  21. David S.

    Just 73% intensity

  22. jeff sparman

    Thanks for sharing your cycling life with us.. Looked to say hi at the TT but you were taking care after you effort...

  23. Dan M.

    Nice one Laurens, and in that heat. 9th place GC, looking good.

  24. Strava A.

    well done, glad that your fall did not stop you

  25. DiabloScott Д

    Uitstekende.  Thank you for bringing glory to The Mountain.

  26. Frank S.

    Yo Lau,

  27. Dennis Van Hoof - https://becomeaninspiration.com

    Ongelooflijk resultaat op Mt Diablo! Ondanks de hitte, de blessures en Mt Hamilton + 150 km in de benen zet je een tijd neer waar de meesten van ons amateurs alleen maar van kunnen dromen. Petje af!

  28. Wim van Uden

    Wow, hero!

  29. Craig M.

    Fantastic ride yesterday! Thanks for sharing it here on Strava.

  30. Luis El Oso. 🇲🇽

    Col De croix de fer open

  31. Robert V.

    Congrats on a great result ... Being at the Diablo finish line was spectacular !

  32. Jim D.

    Volgende keer koffie in Livermore. Helaas geen Limburgse vlaai maar homemade appeltaart.