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Charlie Wartnaby

Cambridge, England, United Kingdom
  • 29
    Activities in 2019
  • 178.7
    miles Run in 2019
  • 179

Cambridge HM 77:21, 49th. Bit meh, 2 mins slower than Jan, but should get trinket for 2nd V45. And now... it's all about London!

Run March 4, 2018
  • 13.1mi
  • 1:17:23
    Moving Time
  • 5:53/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,467
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  1. Bijendra S.
    Bijendra S.

    Congratulations champ Charlie Wartnaby for super strong pace throughout.. Wow.. Keep inspiring mate.. All the best for London Marathon..

  2. Jamie W.
    Jamie W.

    Well done Charlie

  3. Charlie Wartnaby
    Charlie Wartnaby

    Thanks guys! Seemed to be lacking whatever magic it was that I had back in January -- maybe more turkey and mince pies called for! -- but much the same happened last year and London was still good, so crossed fingers :-)

  4. Martin  S.
    Martin S.

    Well done

  5. Matthew S.
    Matthew S.

    I'm interested Charlie at how tuned in you are to your form. It's almost like you knew from mile 1 that a similar time to York wasn't on and paced it accordingly!

  6. Charlie Wartnaby
    Charlie Wartnaby

    Cheers Martin! And Matt, yes, I let my HR go up to a normalish HM rate but could sense that my leg muscles weren't that happy -- whereas in York it felt quite easy in the early miles. Quads suffering earlier, calves later! So yes I kept the effort at a level that I hoped felt (just) sustainable, and that was coming out slower off the bat. Maybe I've gone too far on trudging big miles and have neglected speed work too much; but then I didn't do much of that before York, either... and also I maybe just hadn't warmed up enough, so it was too much of a shock to the legs to ask them to start doing 5:45's without warning!

  7. James T.
    James T.

    So turns out you won in your age group? (after the disqualification of the race winner)

  8. James T.
    James T.

    Never understood why these organised races make it so difficult to transfer places. Especially when the number doesn't even have a name on it.

  9. Charlie Wartnaby
    Charlie Wartnaby

    I totally agree, allowing late transfers (even if they charged the full price to the 'replacement') would solve the problem. (They did have names on the bibs, but then I've run an official transfer place with the previous owner's name scribbled out...) I hardly deserve it -- I was beaten by two V50s! -- but I am currently listed as 1st MV45, though as my place has been variously listed as 50, 49, 50 and now 51, I wouldn't rule out some more talented rival being inserted ahead of me whose chip didn't work!


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