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100 Miler On A Cruise Ship!

  • 336.5mi
  • 27:46:48
    Moving Time
  • 4:57/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 48,001


  1. Nicole C.

    Whoa 😲! That’s creative. Wow hope it went well!

  2. Alicia Durette

    I’m cracking up on the mileage and paces!! That cruise ship was really “cruising”!! I’d like to see what your watch said as far as that data goes.

  3. Josh C.

    I have always wanted to do that. I'll bet it felt a bit weird having the ground beneath your feet flowing up and down.

  4. John A.

    Yet, so little elevation. ;)

  5. Elizabeth D.

    Good luck beating those prs

  6. H E N K S W E E R S

    And here I thought one goes on a cruise ship to relax... Cool and mad adventure!

  7. G N.

    I love those 4min miles. Cool strava data! :)

  8. Cynthia J.

    I was on that cruise with you! I would have brought you up a virgin strawberry daiquiri had I known you were running all night. That isn’t an easy ship to run, especially up on top....lots of stairs and the front of that ship had serious wind around the bend. Great job!!

  9. Katie S.

    Awesome. I read about this on ksl. I hoped there'd be a Strava record of it. Your path looks like a phone cord.