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Sierra Nevada 🇪🇸 Super nice lap!

  • 209.3km
  • 4,333m
  • 7:04:23
    Moving Time
  • 6,613
  • 143
    Relative Effort


  1. Rob Kwakernaak

    Top! Ziet er al weer goed uit na alle knieperikelen.

  2. Graham Robson Snr

    Certainly looked good weather and a team csr to carry the picnic.

  3. David Broderick AWP

    Wow I bet it was hard to breathe that high up. Lush photos and an awesome amount of climbing

  4. Mathias K.

    Nice terrain!

  5. Adrián Jara Hurtado

    Impresionante 😀

  6. Ryan V.

    Epic ride! 👍🏻

  7. Ajoub A.


  8. Daniel L.

    Edgar Santos 🇵🇹🚴💨💥 olha aqui está bela volta para fazermos 😂😂

  9. John Fox

    Chris Pike now that's a work out. 😂

  10. Chris P.

    John Fox just a bit!!

  11. John Fox

    Chris Pike bit more than vinegar Hill. 😂

  12. Edgar S.

    Daniel Louro é isso mesmo

  13. Stijn Nijenboer

    Vette foto's!

  14. Peter Van Voorst

    Sjoerd van den Boogaard kijk zo doe je dat!

  15. Felipe DelaRosa Martinez

    WOW.., awesome 👏 I

  16. Ewoud ..

    Moooooooi! 👍

  17. Jean D

    wow fabulous

  18. Dimi M.

    Laurens Damoiseaux

  19. Bart van de Laar

    Guido Hendrix * 2090550278859 Ron Ton Michael van Herpen gemiddelde hartslag 115 😅

  20. Manuel S.

    This route is called Granada´s hills. There are the most steep short climbs of the region. How do you know these small roads??

  21. Pete M.

    Now you're ready to win this stage at the Vuelta this year!

  22. Julian G.

    Those skies! 👌 Congrats on the KOM Robert👍

  23. MoPro ~

    good way to end the ride, nice crown King Robert!

  24. Fran Cañada


  25. Pava rik

    Think some guys need to change their tyres, by looking at the pictures you posted 😅. Great work Robert, always an inspiration ✌️💪

  26. Ronald T.

    Super nice photo's again Robert! Please tell your mates how to wear the legwarmers. Now half of them are Otto's :)

  27. Michiel V.

    Dat is mijn gemiddelde hartslag als ik op de bank tv zit te kijken😂