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High tempo and temperature

  • 149.0km
  • 1,449m
  • 4:32:44
    Moving Time
  • 4,038
  • 172
    Suffer Score


  1. Matt B.
    Matt B.

    We might have overlapped today, Hawk

  2. Pete Hawkins Coaching

    Sorry I missed you Matt.  Where was that?  We should meet for a spin some afternoon.  Looks like you like it down here.

  3. Matt B.
    Matt B.

    Did Leith, Box.. Would love to ride out. DM me your number on Twitter. And a great win for Tobyn on Sat. He's on fire!

  4. Pete Hawkins Coaching

    Just saw your ride.  Nice work.  Yea the whole team's been flying which has been great.  Sounds good.  Will be in touch.

  5. Stephen Madden

    Back to your best then! Nice work,

  6. Gareth McKee

    Is one off your team mates in majorica training? Madison Genisus rider and a guy in team equador pased me 2day

  7. Pete Hawkins Coaching

    Could well have been Gareth.  Not sure who though.  Hope you're having a good time.