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Eric Garrido

New York, NY
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Doored! (GPS recorded the ambulance ride and walk home too)

Ride May 7, 2018
  • 1.8mi
  • 23ft
  • 16:46
    Moving Time
  • 80
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  1. Theo V.
    Theo V.

    Oh no! Everything ok?

  2. Rachel S.
    Rachel S.

    Oh gosh. Hope you’re ok

  3. Todd Johnson
    Todd Johnson

    glad you were able to walk home

  4. Eric Garrido
    Eric Garrido

    Just some bruised ribs and some road rash. I was lucky!

  5. Olivier A.
    Olivier A.

    Ouch. Glad you're in one piece. Take care!

  6. Ciarán H.
    Ciarán H.

    Argh! Happened to me a few years ago too. Glad the injuries are minor. How's the bike?

  7. Ben Wong
    Ben Wong

    Oh man...speedy recovery Eric!

  8. Miguel Casas
    Miguel Casas

    Rats!! But, yay it's nothing serious. Now get back to work! :-)

  9. Eric Garrido
    Eric Garrido

    The bike is actually pretty good... just an out-of-place fender. I was riding my commuter, which is sort of a tank.

  10. Eric Garrido
    Eric Garrido

    Thanks for the thoughts everyone! Watch out for car doors! And velociraptors!