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James Gillies

  • 84
    Activities in 2018
  • 6,587.5
    kilometers Ridden in 2018
  • 183


Ride May 19, 2018
  • 602.4km
  • 11,080m
  • 28:22:21
    Moving Time
  • 22,299
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  1. Richard B.
    Richard B.

    absolutely stunning scenery on that little ride. I'm not even going to comment on the distance.

  2. James Gillies
    James Gillies

    The distance I can deal with, its the climbing that hurts.

  3. Richard B.
    Richard B.

    that climbing figure makes my eyes go blurry. no wonder it hurt! amazing effort.

  4. Paul Astin (.
    Paul Astin (.

    Very excellent mate!

  5. Steven N.
    Steven N.


  6. Amanda P.
    Amanda P.

    Great pics James - good effort!!

  7. Mark Hobson
    Mark Hobson

    You know you're meant to stop Everesting when you reach the height of Everest?! Incredible, well done.

  8. James Gillies
    James Gillies

    Mark Hobson I wanted to make sure.

  9. Simon J.
    Simon J.

    Epic! Nice one James!

  10. Chris L.
    Chris L.

    Chapeau! And some cracking photos, too! Mostly, I'm impressed that the selfish don't look too pained :-)

  11. Andy V.
    Andy V.

    Wowsers. That is a PROPER ride! This is now logged on the HRS crew list. Congrats!

  12. Neil Hutchins
    Neil Hutchins

    I can’t actually get my head around this. Incredible!

  13. Brian T.
    Brian T.

    Even by your standards, that’s ****ing nuts!! Chapeau seems rather inadequate. 💪💪💪💪💪⭐️

  14. Mike P.
    Mike P.

    Blimey I missed that one on my feed. Never seen anything like that. Chapeau.!

  15. James Gillies
    James Gillies

    Mike Perry its what I get up to during the summer. Do my winter rides make sense now?

  16. Alan Parkinson (SWRC)
    Alan Parkinson (SWRC)

    I found a pub in the next village after the Bwlchygroes decent serving food till 9pm and eat there. I too was amazed by that ploughed field but missed getting a photo. It was surreal or the sun was getting to me.

  17. James Gillies
    James Gillies

    Alan Parkinson (SWRC) I also saw that pub and that's where I should have stopped. I reckon if I had I could have shaved 5 hours of my total trip time

  18. Chris L.
    Chris L.

    Next time, eh?

  19. James Gillies
    James Gillies

    Chris Lilley hahaha. I don't think that we shall use that route next time, too flat at the end. We have already worked out an alternative.


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