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One rocket ship to another πŸš€ 🚲

  • 30.5mi
  • 78ft
  • 1:29:22
    Moving Time
  • 1,350
  • 54
    Relative Effort


  1. John Watson

    Is that a safe place to cycle? Looks like no shoulder.

  2. Andrew P.

    Less elevation than Amsterdam?

  3. DC Rainmaker

    John - It’s a (desolate) national park. Not a single car passed me on the way in. And only a handful passed going opposite direction on way our. :)

  4. Art G.

    My wife and I were there in February! The weather was awesome in February!

  5. Art G.

    Oh yeah, watch out for those gators!

  6. Andrew P.

    Did you record the elevation profile with the Edge 130?

  7. DC Rainmaker

    Andrew - No Edge 130 on this ride.

  8. Josh W.

    Do you always travel with your bike?

  9. Thomas E. R.

    What powermeter are the data from?

  10. DC Rainmaker

    In this case, it came from the PowerTap G3. Was just the first device to upload when I got back. So it won the Strava game!

  11. Marco Romagnuolo

    I learned few days ago the NASA has some strange devices in their property. Those small devices are some static energy detectors, used to foresee a thunderstorm. As our guide was saying, there is a high chance that in the area you are the highest thing and therefore a target for a thunder. You should not ride in that area :))

  12. DC Rainmaker

    That are is a national park, specifically for recreation. No worries, it's never a good idea to ride in a thunderstorm in Florida.