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Steve Vigneau

Shelby Township, MI
  • 198
    Activities in 2018
  • 5,303.4
    miles Ridden in 2018
  • 447


Ride September 22, 2018
  • 84.0mi
  • 7,303ft
  • 10:40:16
    Moving Time
  • 4,259
  • 161
    Relative Effort
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  1. Jeff C.
    Jeff C.

    Nice work Steve! 🤙Extremely difficult race. Did you have a mechanical as it looks like you were on pace to make the 12 hour buckle?

  2. Michael Semaan
    Michael Semaan

    Steve great job, 50 miles more than I could have done. One hell of a race!

  3. Steve Vigneau
    Steve Vigneau

    Jeff: Thank you! Nope, no mechanical at all... Bike worked flawlessly. The race gets progressively harder. I'm pretty sure my power output stayed around the same, but HR was dropping because it gets more and more technical as one progresses through. Outside of a couple little rocky bits, the stuff in this route up through Harlow Lake is XC ski trail. North trails are harder but rolling and all ridable. Once one hits the boat launch things get serious and don't relent until the rail trail. That doesn't last long, and it's into the hardest stuff (RAMBA). We have absolutely nothing like it downstate. Climbing the rocks at DTE on Big Kame is a mild equivalent to some of the moderate sections there.

  4. Steve Vigneau
    Steve Vigneau

    Thanks Mike!

  5. Jeff C.
    Jeff C.

    Yeah, that loop between Nagaunee and Ishpeming is brutal. I rode it over the 4th and I felt I was climbing faster than I could descend. Great effort!

  6. George B.
    George B.

    That's a great ride! I feel like up in Marquette it's almost too easy to go into the red zone with no recovery options after. Congratulations! Rocks at DTE are candy after UP happens

  7. Shari D.
    Shari D.

    Wow, nice job...I’d probably be toast after mile 15, that’s a lot of climbing you did!!!

  8. Cindy K.
    Cindy K.

    Awesome accomplishment Steve!💪

  9. Mark  Kransz
    Mark Kransz

    Great ride dude, next year #unfinishedbusiness

  10. Rick Bowling
    Rick Bowling

    I'm seriously impressed

  11. Jeremy Crabtree
    Jeremy Crabtree

    nice ride man! absolute brutality. and yeah our trails downstate are legitimately a 2 out of 10 compared to the juicy stuff in the U.P.. those rock sections up there are straight up unrelenting

  12. Bernie W
    Bernie W


  13. Steve Vigneau
    Steve Vigneau

    Thanks Mark! You rode insanely solid. I love that photo of Tinker following you down rock too... Next year... I'm thinking the 50.

  14. Steve Vigneau
    Steve Vigneau

    Jeremy: Yeah. It's just... not the same at all. I don't think there's any way to prepare for riding up here while downstate tech-wise, or even climbing wise. Long pushes on the road can help with sustained power, but most of the climbing here is super bursty. I can't really get my HR up here in any sustained maintainable way for endurance riding because of it. If I'll be out for 3-4 hours, then sure... But thinking of 10-12+? Top of Z1 is the most I can do.

  15. Amber C.
    Amber C.

    Great job!!

  16. Tom K.
    Tom K.

    Valiant Effort!

  17. Steve Vigneau
    Steve Vigneau

    Tom: Finishing it is insane. I'm even more impressed. (Some things I presumed about the first 50 were wrong and made it a LOT harder.)

  18. Tom K.
    Tom K.

    Your pace was good and heart rate contained. I expect legs were spent and cramping. I had to stop a few times and recover and contemplate whether to keep going. That last segment is brutal though, technical and in the dark.

  19. Steve Vigneau
    Steve Vigneau

    To be honest, my legs never hurt once. They were sore Sunday and a bit today, but I was still able to put out power and climb reasonably. My chest was getting a bit sore from breathing, and arms from handling the bike, and overall I was just getting really fatigued. I think I was managing the effort fine, just ran out of go.

    I do think I could have finished, especially with a change of clothes, but probably wouldn't have had much fun. I'm still somewhat mentally weighing the "should I have kept going?", but standing on Last Bluff alone feeling done thinking "that was a good day, I'm fine with stopping now" is a reminder that I had a complete day.

    I really wanted to finish the race, but I feel fine with how my day finished. It was a great time, and fun, and I didn't get hurt.

  20. Jim W.
    Jim W.

    Awesome job I would have laid down and gone to sleep


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