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Alexander Komposch

Morgan Hill, California
  • 227
    Activities in 2018
  • 5,465.0
    miles Ridden in 2018
  • 128

HardCOEre 40

Ride October 6, 2018
  • 43.4mi
  • 10,306ft
  • 5:58:22
    Moving Time
  • 4,415
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  1. Andy (K) B.
    Andy (K) B.

    So early this year

  2. Alexander Komposch
    Alexander Komposch

    Always in the first Sat in October while the Tarantula festival is going on in Henry Coe Park

  3. Leopold P.
    Leopold P.

    I wish I had the fitness to join you out there today for the 40 miler. My ambitions are always high, but I didn’t want to test out my abilities in Coe.

  4. Alexander Komposch
    Alexander Komposch

    We had best conditions today - except my fitness :( not used to long rides anymore ... starting to cramp up at Cross Canyon a bit ... but it was a great day in Coe again ... and the 100miler would have killed me this year for sure. Brian L. will go for KOM on the 100 - he looked determined when we crossed out here ...

  5. Larry F.
    Larry F.

    Great ride! Glad that you’re back for the event!

  6. Phil T.
    Phil T.

    Missed you at the start I was lagging behond a few minutes but it was too dark to make out anybody’s face anyways. Good ride!

  7. bruce hanna
    bruce hanna

    Great to see you at Coe again, you were in Beast Mode as usual 🏆👍👍

  8. Sean Carroll
    Sean Carroll

    Great work Alex! Set the 40m Coe’re bar pretty high 🤙

  9. Dave C.
    Dave C.

    Nice work Alex. Putting those lunchtime hammer sessions to use!

  10. Shane Sawyer
    Shane Sawyer

    Yeww! You were haulin. Nice job!!

  11. Marc B.
    Marc B.

    You crushed it. As usual! Good stuff and maybe we reconvene for a social one next time around.

  12. Marc B.
    Marc B.

    I hear you could not let someone walk on spike Jones!!!

  13. Alexander Komposch
    Alexander Komposch

    Thanks guys ...
    The 40miler route earned the HarCOEre 40 title only due to Spikes Jones at the end .. and pushing my bike up is for sure no option ;)

  14. Shane Sawyer
    Shane Sawyer

    For reals! That sucked! Garmin says 4 miles left and I knew we still had to climb spike. Ouchie

  15. Bob Steed
    Bob Steed

    King KOM does it again. Out of shape and a PR on Spike uphill... Clean, no less. Next time I'm bringing my bungie cord to attach to your bike.


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