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Amsterdam 1/2 marathon, 1:20:01, 2 seconds slower than goal time haha, I'll take it

  • 13.2mi
  • 1:20:04
    Moving Time
  • 6:01/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,792


  1. Marcelo マルセロ D.

    Great pace!

  2. Rich Roberts

    Congratulations, great running Flo!! That's an awesome time!!

  3. Bill Z.

    Great job! Sick time. How'd it feel? That's the highest I've seen your HR creep up to at the end but even still, for that pace, that's awesome. What are your thoughts on this goal?!

  4. Sham Riordan

    Fantastic average speed for a half , well done

  5. Clinton C.

    Crushed it!

  6. Sean M.

    Brilliant stuff Flo!!

  7. Colin Cartwright

    Inspiring, awesome result..

  8. Scotty Rev

    What happened after mile 9ish? You stepped on the gas for the final 4 miles!

  9. Paul Sinclair

    Congrads Flo, you smoked it!

  10. Lara M.

    Niiiice! Congrats!

  11. Michal Holík

    Nice time!

  12. Paul A.

    Congrats! That looks like a nice flat course to PR on.

  13. Floris Gierman

    Thanks guys! I hadn't trained many back to back 6:00 min / miles so after 8 miles it became pretty hard to maintain the pace

  14. Floris Gierman

    @Scott - at mile 8 to 10 I slacked off. At that point there was a 20+ miles an hour head wind, all the 5 hour+ marathoners were on the same course so lots of zigzagging, I choked on water at an aid station, etc. Many excuses but I also learned a lot for next time. Ended up in 60th place out of 14251 so I’m happy with that

  15. Floris Gierman

    Thanks Bill, HR creeped up much higher than I expected. My ‘resting’ HR before the race was 105 (compared to 40-ish normally) so the nerves came into play there as well. Mile 1-6 was fine, then it got though until mile 10. Then I was passed by the #1 female so the bike cops cleared the 5 hour+ marathoners out of the way for her (and me) so less Zigzagging the next mile orso. Back to the drawing board for Boston in 6 months.

  16. Luis Perez

    Awesome. Congrats Floris

  17. Ryan Pearson [PRO ECO]

    Solid race!! Nice strong finish

  18. Rob S.

    Nice work!

  19. Ray C.

    That's really fast! Good job!!

  20. Anil Gorti

    Rocked it!

  21. Anna R.

    Wow! I started following you because you totally owned me on a few long beach segments but your results are very inspirational. Great race result. Keep it up!

  22. Benno Buechler

    Nice job ... Congrats and hope you don't hurt too much today ...