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22/09/2012 Broomfield, Co. Wicklow, Ireland, Wicklow, Ireland

  • 76.2km
  • 1,363m
  • 3:17:38
    Moving Time
  • 1,996


  1. John M.

    Impressive. Surely you can take a bit out of that under competition setting. Hope you managed to get coffee and cake in the hippy cafe on Lauragh.

  2. Dave McCormack

    Well of all the luck...just as I turned into the Shay Elliott, there was a road traffic accident. Garda car, ambulence, and the two vehicles involved completely blocking the road. Ger reckons I lost 15-20 seconds trying to get around it in the ditch, and the chance of a second place on Strava...faaaaack! But at least I had an uninterrupted run to the Wicklow Gap and onwards up to Turlough Hill. The segment 'Turlough Hill from Glendalough' is the course of the National Hill Climb C'ships in two weeks time. Happy with that.

  3. Mark L.

    Great to put that stellar form to good use! V close to the KOM on the 10km Turlough Hill segment! More tomorrow?

  4. James Baldwin

    Fantastic way of putting your Alps form to good use! Well done. Are ye away for weekend and accidently staying in a mountainous area, or is there an event on this weekend?

  5. Gary Cooper

    jeeps Dave, thats a scorching time on the Wicklow gap.

  6. Martin Nolan

    Nice one Dave, nice to see the actual route, I would like to partake (for the fun/competition) but it's a long way to travel !

  7. Ó M.

    Can you DRvC lot not stick to yer own patch in Cork without coming and populating other leaderboards in my neck of the woods!? Kippure TV mast tomorrow?

  8. Mark L.

    Ian, I'm sure some of the locals in Les Hautes Alpes are saying similar things too after Dave stormed onto first page leaderboards on a few of their HCs last week!

  9. Dave McCormack

    Thanks, lads. Just a flying visit unfortunately. Brother's 30th this evening in Malahide but we're heading back down to Cork first thing in the morning. The Nationals course certainly suits me - not too easy but not too hard. I can certainly knock a bit off today's time alright. But when the big guns come out on the day and ride hard (I don't think Ryan was even trying in his KOM effort here, judging by his HR), I'll just be fighting for a place in the over-40, 75kg+, born on a Thursday category.

  10. Phil O'Flaherty

    I hate people that are fast and over 40. Another place further down the results sheet for me. Cork is lovely this time of year - you don't want to waste two weekends in a row up here!

  11. Phil O'Flaherty

    Make that two weekends in three. Someone bring me my pipe and slippers.

  12. Dave McCormack

    Ah sure Cork is lovely at all times of year and you get bored with the loveliness after a while ;)