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2012 National Hill Climb Championships - 1st, Co. Wicklow, Ireland, Wicklow, Ireland

  • 10.0km
  • 544m
  • 25:19
    Moving Time
  • 683


  1. Ryan S.
    Ryan Sherlock

    Won by 1:29. Almost 140 riders out on a fab day. Great course - different than the last N years. Get to wear my National Champs kit in the Low Key Hill Climbs this year :)

    Running the event and racing it is tiring - rest and off-season now :)

  2. Ryan S.
    Ryan Sherlock

    Headwind on the way up. about 15kmph, heavy roads too.

  3. Kieran S.
    Kieran Sherlock

    The champion jersey coffee shop ride is on! Congrats.

  4. Ryan S.
    Ryan Sherlock

    Yeah - had to be the last race of the season :)

    Results etc... can be found here: http://irishhc.blogspot.ie/

  5. Cavan Caveman P.
    Cavan Caveman P.

    Well done. They should put a few more hills like this one into the Sunday races to even things out a wee bit, haha.

  6. Tim C.
    Tim C.

    Well deserved *CONGRATS* - see you guys soon !!!

  7. Daniel C.
    Daniel Connelly

    It was the helmet, obviously.

  8. Ryan S.
    Ryan Sherlock

    @Daniel - yeah, I was going to drop you an email about that! Totally the helmet. 2nd was on a pseudo TT setup (clipons) Thanks for calculations :)