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Krishna Dole

San Mateo, CA
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Oat Hill Mine Road

Ride December 24, 2011
  • 15.5mi
  • 2,490ft
  • 1:37:09
    Moving Time
  • 964
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  1. J.L. de Jong
    J.L. de Jong

    Nice collection of KOMs!

  2. Krishna Dole
    Krishna Dole

    The upper part of Oat Hill is great. Have you ridden there?

  3. J.L. de Jong
    J.L. de Jong

    No, I didn't ride that trail yet. It's on the list for 2012.

  4. Chris Coble
    Chris Coble

    never ridden here before; did you ride road, cx, or mtb? intervals, or low-key training?

  5. Krishna Dole
    Krishna Dole

    Mountain bike for sure. Despite being called a 'road', this is one of the most technical trails in the bay area. The first 3 miles are pretty mellow, then it gets amazingly rocky. Cleaning the whole thing is a lifetime goal for me.

  6. Chris Coble
    Chris Coble

    hmmm . . . . sounds well worth a look-see! thanks for the intro./info.


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