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Sharp Gravel Road = (PSSSsssssshhhhh) x 2

  • 63.5mi
  • 2,152ft
  • 3:20:05
    Moving Time
  • 2,701


  1. Ashley H.

    wicked psssshhhhhhah!

  2. Heinrich Venter

    oh nooooo!!!!

  3. Giancarlo B.

    are you too pro for a mini pump? or co2 all the way?

  4. Samuel F.

    get better tyres

  5. Dave M.

    Working some maple syrup into your T-day table tomorrow Might be good for basting the turkey :-)

  6. Landry Bobo

    I got a flat today too

  7. Ted King

    Giancarlo, I only use pumps. 2 flats puts me up a creek though. I usually train with two tires but I just got back home yesterday and didn't have time to get new tubes.

    Samuel, I don't disagree. Our "training" tires are racing clinchers. Hmm...

    Dave, I just made a MAPLE pumpkin, gingerbread trifle. Can't wait for tomorrow.

  8. Dave M.

    Where's the party again? Enjoy!

  9. Samuel F.

    Get some conti gatorskins on

  10. Jason T.

    Can't you get some kind of Pro deal on Mr Tuffies? :-)

  11. J B.


  12. Giancarlo B.

    Good to know, curious...which pump do you use? I've been a c02 guy for a while, but im tired of having to buy them and feel like a pump would be better in the long run anyways....just could never find anything small enough that is still actually functional

  13. Jason T.

    While I won't claim to know what kind of pump Mr. King favors, I think this is the bestest pump ever: http://www.lezyne.com/products/hand-pumps/high-pressure#!Road-Drive