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2015 San Diego 100

  • 99.2mi
  • 14,265ft
  • 16:39:05
    Moving Time
  • 10:22/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 14,653


  1. Gareth Williams

    Awesome work Bob! Congrats on the win

  2. Jeff Alkire

    Great win, Bob. Congrats!

  3. Todd Sour

    Hey, had a lot of good memories getting lost in those hills. Good at ya Bob!

  4. Luke Garten

    Congrats bud!

  5. Cecelia R.

    AWSOME win, actually what it is is a "freak of nature," you

  6. Bob Shebest

    Takes one to know one Cecelia! ;-)

  7. Dave Moore

    Congrats Bob, on your win and PR!  I followed the race, very exciting !!!

  8. Kim Wrinkle

    Wow! Just wow! :)

  9. Kevin S.

    Kristin and I are blown away by what a running stud you are!! Congratulations!

  10. Bob Shebest

    Thanks all! Grateful to be healthy. Will try to stay that way! ;-)

  11. Chris Beck (@Gnomishmath)

    Amazing running Bob! Good to hear you're feeling healthy.

  12. Jason Wimmert

    It was nice meeting you this morning at SFRC before the crowd showed up today. Congrats again on the race. Blown away by your performance.

  13. Rick Gaston

    Pretty awesome man! Still thinking about San Diego and your great race.

  14. Bob Shebest

    Jason - GREAT meeting you too! Good luck with the rest of your season! Rick - some GOOD afterglow from that one (and lingering fatigue... ;-).

  15. mingo ✌

    Congrats Bobmachine!!