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Alain Rumpf

Ollon, Vaud, Suisse
  • 100
    Activities in 2018
  • 5,540.8
    kilometers Ridden in 2018
  • 1868

21/06/2015 The Solstice Ride

Ride June 21, 2015
  • 404.8km
  • 2,544m
  • 14:46:30
    Moving Time
  • 7,462
  • 233
    Relative Effort
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  1. Jim H.
    Jim H.

    Fantastic ride and super elevation Alain!!

  2. Mike Fagan
    Mike Fagan

    15hrs . . . that is tough.

  3. Mike Burford
    Mike Burford

    Awesome effort! Well done!

  4. Ian Ledzion
    Ian Ledzion

    How was the wind?

  5. Damien Bisetti Velosophe Cyclist Beer Owner
    Damien Bisetti Velosophe Cyclist Beer Owner

    T'as fait ça d'une traite?

  6. Robert Powell
    Robert Powell

    Now thats an awesome ride...

  7. Chris White (RideFar.info)
    Chris White (RideFar.info)

    Ian - We had 8 hours of rain, followed by 8 hours of headwinds, then 2 hours in the dark, so nothing was easy. You should have come!

  8. Alain Rumpf
    Alain Rumpf

    Thanks guys! Oui Damien, départ à 5:15 et arrivée à 23:30... Ian: we got headwind all the way, fortunately not too strong. But we rode the first 8 hours in the rain, and this was hard

  9. Will A.
    Will A.

    Wowsers. Good use of the solstice.

  10. Will A.
    Will A.

    And astonishingly flat for Switzerland.

  11. Christophe M.
    Christophe M.

    Wow so little elevation across Switzerland that is incredible in itself. Incredible ride.

  12. Brett Hasell
    Brett Hasell


  13. Killian Fournier
    Killian Fournier

    Les jambes qui picottent vers Yverdon j'imagine...

  14. Antoine Bailly
    Antoine Bailly

    What a day on the bike !! Congrats !

  15. Craig M.
    Craig M.

    Awesome ride!

  16. Bas R.
    Bas R.

    Wow. Amazing achievement!

  17. Paul A.
    Paul A.

    Well done guys! Well earned ice-creams.

  18. Guy  H.
    Guy H.

    Unbelievable! Amazed how you stayed awake! Helleva caffeine intake?

  19. Alain Rumpf
    Alain Rumpf

    Thanks to all again. By riding along many lakes and staying away from the big mountains, we indeed managed to keep this ride flat(tish)...

  20. Robert V.
    Robert V.

    thats one big mans ride!!!

  21. Paul V.
    Paul V.

    Awesome !!!

  22. alexandre fivat
    alexandre fivat

    Incroyable! Génial!

  23. Anders Backlund
    Anders Backlund


  24. Damien Bisetti Velosophe Cyclist Beer Owner
  25. Amado R.
    Amado R.

    Incroyable! Bravo, très impressionnant! Tu n'as pas mangé que des bars et des gels j'espère?

  26. Alain Rumpf
    Alain Rumpf

    J'ai mangé des boules de riz faites maison, une énorme pizza et une glace!

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