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George Vargas REV Cycling 🇨🇴

San Marcos , California
  • 157
    Activities in 2018
  • 7,280.9
    miles Ridden in 2018
  • 1946

#1 Everesting South Grade Palomar from Taco Shop to Yield sign.  167.7 miles 29,062 feet of gain!  7 repeats and a little bit more on repeat number 8.  This was the hardest ride I have done in recent memory.  

Ride July 25, 2015
  • 167.7mi
  • 29,062ft
  • 17:39:48
    Moving Time
  • 9,956
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  1. Angie R.
    Angie R.

    Pretty much speechless ... Wow!!!!

  2. Steve Kuzmack
    Steve Kuzmack

    Oh my! Lost for words on this one. Epic would be a start. Could this be the first time Palomar has been repeated this many times?

  3. George Vargas REV Cycling 🇨🇴
    George Vargas REV Cycling 🇨🇴

    Thank You Angie and yes Steve it is the first time!

  4. Ben L.
    Ben L.

    Wow, just wow. Get lots of sleep and food today! Congrats!!!

  5. Brian Griffith  .
    Brian Griffith .

    Seeing Lori do this in France was awesome. Seeing you do it on a climb I've done, puts it in perspective. Frigin well done!

  6. George Vargas REV Cycling 🇨🇴
    George Vargas REV Cycling 🇨🇴

    Thank You Ben! Yeah Brian you know how hard Palomar is just doing it once

  7. Ed Middlesworth
    Ed Middlesworth

    Fantastic ride!

  8. Lisa A.
    Lisa A.

    Well done, George! You said epic, and I think you were spot on with that one!

  9. Harlequin 0.
    Harlequin 0.


  10. James Penseyres
    James Penseyres

    That's impressive !!

  11. Greg Sherman
    Greg Sherman

    What's gotten into all you REV riders? This is just insane dude! Congratulations to you MR 508 master:)

  12. Matt T.
    Matt T.

    George very well done!! I'm proud to call you my mentor and friend!!

  13. Travis Marr
    Travis Marr


  14. Strava A.
    Strava A.

    Congrats! Huge!

  15. Rich Hodgson
    Rich Hodgson

    Inspiring George!

  16. Oleg ★ Descenders
    Oleg ★ Descenders

    Wow! Amazing. Congrats!!!

  17. Ryan Tetz
    Ryan Tetz

    Rev riders taking down the world's super climbs every week now you know! Awesome.

  18. Jim B.
    Jim B.

    Epic! Wow


    Wow awesome days work

  20. Steve Mcgovern
    Steve Mcgovern

    WOW. I'm speechless George!

  21. Dan Palmatier
    Dan Palmatier

    George, you are so freakishly awesome amazing and inspirational!  Great job brother, that's simply incredible!!! 

  22. Chris Sro -.
    Chris Sro -.

    This is so unreal. Thats a level of suffering I never plan to know. Bravo. You're a much better man than me.

  23. Michael Arwood - Canyon Velo
  24. René L.
    René L.


  25. Michael Connor
    Michael Connor

    Congrats! Last year they held a 24hr climb there, I know one guy did 42000ft!

  26. Lorie M.
    Lorie M.

    Yeah George!!  Sweet!  Congrats!

  27. Bill P.
    Bill P.

    Fantastic ride George! Did you have car / refueling supplies at top, bottom or middle? Awesome!

  28. Tim Dennis
    Tim Dennis

    You are an animal. Perhaps the badass'est old guy I know. ;-)

  29. George Vargas REV Cycling 🇨🇴
    George Vargas REV Cycling 🇨🇴

    Hello Bill Pinnell I had my car parked at the taco shop. I had a cooler full of options for food and hydration. At the top during restaurant hours I refilled my 2 bottles with water and ice for the descent. It was so hot the ice was melted before I got back the taco shop. Thank You Tim but I am getting too old for this lol

  30. Dan Romanowski
    Dan Romanowski

    Wow! Fantastic ride.

  31. Bauke De Jong
    Bauke De Jong

    How the hell did you do that? I climbed Palomar once on Wednesday and almost croaked! Truly amazing!

  32. Smorg Cycle
    Smorg Cycle

    And in this heat! (Probably not bad above 4000 ft, but I bet it was still hell the bottom 8 miles!).

  33. Adam Bullard & The Hillslayer's /.
    Adam Bullard & The Hillslayer's /.

    Monster ride, well done!

  34. ⚙️ Madd ⚙️ D.
    ⚙️ Madd ⚙️ D.

    So Cool Mr REV!!!! So this is a great example for the power meter and the new bike with the right gearing, and of course Lori might have spurred you on a little :-)

  35. Steven Reedy
    Steven Reedy

    You're the man George. Does this mean you can take two weeks off of your daily climbing.

  36. Andy V.
    Andy V.

    Huge effort George! Congratulations on getting this sucka into the www.everesting.cc hall of fame. Welcome to the crew!

  37. Lori H.
    Lori H.

    So glad we could both get it done this week. What's next? Oh yeah--#Silverstate508. I think we can definitely improve our time from last year. Happy to have you as my captain

  38. Anthony Murray | R5Ciclismo
    Anthony Murray | R5Ciclismo

    Belated wow!! Saw this on Facebook today.

  39. George Vargas REV Cycling 🇨🇴
    George Vargas REV Cycling 🇨🇴

    Thank you Anthony!! There are more Everesting adventures to follow in 2016!

  40. Rachel Goyette -.
    Rachel Goyette -.

    So cool, I think I want to do this next year! How was it riding in the dark on palomar, that is my biggest concern.

  41. George Vargas REV Cycling 🇨🇴
    George Vargas REV Cycling 🇨🇴

    Hello Rachel! As an endurance cyclist I am used to riding at night and through the night until morning. Palomar Mountain was fine to ride at night. The upper, from the split at the 76, was quiet at night. The busy and scary section was from the taco shop to the split. Now my question for you is how much climbing have you done in a day? Are you interested in Everesting? And lastly how did you find out about my ride?


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