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Pine Flats

  • 33.6mi
  • 2,510ft
  • 2:43:35
    Moving Time
  • 1,256
  • 105
    Relative Effort


  1. Bill Matuszak (GOM Cycling)

    What? You couldn't take the KOM from Levi on the Pine Hill Road climb segment?

  2. Doug Hembdt

    Ha! Was hoping to see him wiz by but we are off by a day. He climbed Coleman road and we did that yesterday. Steep stuff out here and it only goes up, never seems to descend!

  3. Jim Moody

    Got any plans to go over to Napa? Napa-Mt Veeder-Oakville-Lake Hennessey ...return via Silverado Trail. Lunch at Oakville Market.

  4. Doug Hembdt

    Last day of riding tomorrow am planning on some of that. Will look to see if this makes a better ride!

  5. Jim Moody

    It's pretty. Can be lots of traffic on Silverado but decent shoulders. Lots of wine.

  6. Doug Hembdt

    Lol yep in St Helena this morning. Had the wine experience Wednesday

  7. Bill Matuszak (GOM Cycling)

    Did you get a PR on finishing a bottle of wine?

  8. Doug Hembdt

    I thing we are still working on it