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I shaved my legs for this shit!?

  • 111.3mi
  • 5,423ft
  • 5:13:47
    Moving Time
  • 4,789
  • 127
    Suffer Score


  1. Tim Daley

    DUDE!!! This bike split is pretty phenomenal!!!!

  2. Daniel G.

    unbelievable - once you shave, you'll never want to be unshaven!

  3. Matthew F.

    That's a lot of climbing !

  4. Brandon Habermehl

    Dude, I waxed - hurt like a bitch but still silky smooth almost a week later! Awesome ride man, it was a great pleasure to share the course with you - although your smooth riding was not nearly as entertaining as watching under armor guy and friends stomping every hill in the big ring!

  5. Billy Hafferty

    Brandon though I am not going to make a habit of ridding myself of body hair (one of my friends was actually trying to make a case for me to shave my beard as well... That was never ever an option though) the pleasure was all mine brother... We had a championship caliber ride and some awesome laughs along the way... That kid was something otherworldly I have no idea what to even say... Did you see the way he way descending too?? Not to mention he was drafting off one person or the other for what seemed like all day... I was really happy to see you had the run you were hoping for too! Very well done!! Congrats on your qualification - it was really great to share such an awesome day wth you!!