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Run Rabbit Run 100

  • 106.9mi
  • 19,011ft
  • 18:40:38
    Moving Time
  • 10:48/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 16,082


  1. Cecelia R.

    OMG, you're giving me kudos!!!!! You must be delirious, go to bed!!! And way more than kudos. We followed you last night till we fell asleep, so proud of you!!!

  2. Tom P.

    Congratulations, must be all the Sonoma County high altitude training! ;-)

  3. Bob Shebest

    Awesome, thanks Cecilia. When I looked at my watch last night and it was midnight, I knew I was losing much of my online spectators!! ;-)

  4. Kim Wrinkle

    Ha, Bob! Some of us (crazy people) wake up at 3:00 a.m.! Saw your progress throughout the night/morning. Awesome run! :)

  5. Kaci L.

    Congratulations! That was an impressive race. It was a blast following. :) Rest, recover, and enjoy the post-race glow!

  6. Gareth Williams

    Congrats Bob, awesome race and so inspiring! Hope you enjoyed the trails around Steamboat Springs!!

  7. Topher G.

    Crushing! Congrats On a superb run!

  8. Luke Garten

    You da man.

  9. The Streeeker

    After Mile 2, everything else was cake, right? Haha! Mad respect on this run! Kick ass!!

  10. Soon-Chul Choi

    Way to go Bob, great work!

  11. Jorma Gates

    Grats on a great race! Very cool watching you climb up the ranks til the end. Can't wait to read your report and steal/learn more tidbits on how to execute so well :)

  12. Chris Beck (@Gnomishmath)

    Wow, awesome running and amazing strava upload. Crazy elevation graph. Congratulations!

  13. Michael Jimenez

    Inspiring! :)

  14. Eric Walker

    Epic run. Strava system was probably straining to understand the upload. "Um, some dude is trying to upload 107mi with 19k feet of gain at 10min mile pace? Nahhh." :)

  15. Bob Shebest

    Thanks ALL! Eric - all that fun Aug training paid off! Time to get fat!!

  16. marina james

    You are my superhero Bob

  17. Gary Gellin

    Did it feel like half of a 214-miler or twice a 53.5-miler?

  18. Chris DeNucci

    You did good. ;) Killer run bob!

  19. Benjamin Bucklin

    Dude, killed it! Way to make a big splash in a big race!

  20. Bob Shebest

    #SD100 fitness

  21. Kim Espat

    Congressional on the epic second place finish!