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02/06/2013 Berkeley, CA

  • 108.5mi
  • 9,997ft
  • 6:00:08
    Moving Time
  • 5,745


  1. James Stemper

    yea buddy!

  2. Kevin Metcalfe

    Holy Crap. I never flattered myself into thinking that this KOM wasn't ripe for the taking by somebody like you. But holy crap, 5 minutes? Most impressive. I hope you get to do it again at ATOC. Good luck.

  3. Rick T.

    Holy crap, you shaved 7 minutes off the KOM? Well done man.

  4. Deniz W.

    Geezus.. Well.. thats why you is a pro!

  5. Nathaniel English

    Yeah, it was a good effort. I tied my peak power for that 40-45 minute range. It was a bit faster than my previous best up North Gate. I was pleased with it. Hoping to improve upon it in the long run, though.

  6. Megan M.

    Great job out there. I bet it feels nice to see any bits of improvement. Your abilities are quite astonishing i think. Anyway, i saw a Kenda rider.. wondering if it was you near the Pinehurst/Skyline intersection I believe.

  7. Andrew Seitz / T.

    Must have had a tail wind. Syke - that's a SOLID effort. Good luck this season!

  8. J W.

    Holy crap is right! Nice Job!! I would like to see what you might do at the TOC!

  9. Nathaniel English

    Yeah, I'm definitely hoping we can do it this year.

  10. r panos

    You need to settle down.

    (READ: I am envious)