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Cobb Hollow, 6.7 mi N Saint Jo on FM-677, Montegue Co., TX (2015-76)

  • 5.0mi
  • 2:41:00
    Moving Time
  • 812


  1. Danny W.

    The Bugman Cometh.

  2. Brent Cantor

    Awesome pic of those bugs

  3. Joe Cawein

    I like WDO's (Wood Destroying Organisms), such as Termites (in particular) and Carpenter Ants, also Carp. Bees/Wasps, powder post beetles (not much experience with ppbeetles, though) but I'll exclude wood peckers as they occasionally wake me while hammering on my metal chimney cap, squirrels (aka tree rats) and beavers (they're too F'n cute, & not in your genre).

  4. BugMan ™

    "BugMan" was my handle back in my racing days. This is why.

    Joe—funny you like WDO, because I specialize on woodboring beetles (esp. jewel beetles and longhorned beetles).

  5. Joe Cawein

    One more thing in common. When we meet we will have to things now.

  6. Eric Edgar

    Isn't there a type of aardvark that only eats termites?

  7. BugMan ™

    There is only one type of aardvark. They eat mostly termites and ants but occasionally fruit.

  8. BugMan ™

    p.s. I think it's funny that my bug hikes get as much Strava love as my bike rides!

  9. Joe Cawein

    KOM's and bugs. Weird, but KOM's go good with many things.