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BugMan ™

Wildwood, Missouri
  • 1863

Lick Creek Park, Brazos Co., TX

Hike September 29, 2015
  • 3.6mi
  • 1:17:15
    Moving Time
  • 606
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  1. Eric Edgar
    Eric Edgar

    Hey BugMan, can you snap a pic of a Great oto butterfly?

  2. BugMan ™
    BugMan ™

    Greta oto—I wish! You have to go to Central/South America to see them, although they occasionally get blown as far north as Florida.

  3. Joe Cawein
    Joe Cawein

    Are the BUGS bigger in TX too?

  4. BugMan ™
    BugMan ™

    Better believe it! Check out the grasshopper photo from Perdenales Falls State Park—thing was a whopper.

  5. Joe Cawein
    Joe Cawein

    Thought that was a donkey. ; o

  6. BugMan ™
  7. Phil C.
    Phil C.

    That's one hell of a 6' bug - equipped with baby rattle I see... Holy schnikies you got close !!

  8. BugMan ™
    BugMan ™

    I got a lot closer with the big camera!


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