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Haut var stage 2

  • 209.6km
  • 3,873m
  • 5:26:34
    Moving Time
  • 7,943
  • 151
    Relative Effort


  1. Dirk Verleyen

    Knalprestatie !

  2. Silver Shadow

    Great performance mate!

  3. Kevin L.

    Congratulations for your 3rd place overall ! Great performance

  4. Olivier "papipop" Lucas

    Nice stage...

  5. Peter V.

    derde plaats dat smaakt naar meer

  6. Stephen McWilliams

    Awesome performance, great to see hard work paying off and form coming! Oh but why no power? Do you prefer not to race with it or do you just not upload power? Surely race power must e massive in such an amazing attacking stage that you and Lars rode!

  7. Brigi R.

    Good question Stephen!!! I'd like to see real power instead this estimated one as per going in pack with those speed averages returns a fake power value ;-) Laurens it would be great to have a powermeter output in place but maybe you'd prefer to ride lighter :P

  8. Rob T.

    I don't think his Garmin Forerunner supports power data...

  9. Brigi R.

    With another device ;-)

  10. Laurens ten Dam

    Will come! Team has set some pioneer powermeters to mount!

  11. Yanick P.

    4th budy !!! wow super !! congrat !

  12. Joost D.

    Mooi gedaan!

  13. Jeff V.

    I just compared your elevation profile for this stage to Ben King's profile of the same stage and there's a 542m difference. Do you have any idea why there's such a big difference?

  14. Bert P.

    Carrying water bottles "up and down" the peloton?

  15. Frank Beelen

    goed bezig lau

  16. Erik Jonsson

    haha jesus 70% in zone2. 130 miles and barely breaking a sweat :D good early form

  17. Jonas Boye Hansen

    great ride

  18. Joost Hoetelmans

    Dat was een goeie dag maat!