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How did I make it out of the old Haul alive?

  • 132.3km
  • 3,281m
  • 5:27:00
    Moving Time


  1. Adrien Costa

    I will have nightmares about that section of this ride for the rest of my life

  2. 🐾 Nelson Willhite 🐾

    I would never have thought to connect these roads on a ride!! How many miles of dirt on this route?

  3. 🐾 Nelson Willhite 🐾

    Is Old Mill / Old Haul between Big Basin and Portola State Park mostly paved or does it turn to fire road? That's a great connector!!

  4. Adrien Costa

    lots of dirt- at least 16. it was very muddy today so not too much fun, had to walk a few parts trying to find the way. it is paved for the first 2 miles downhill, and never really gets narrow like a trail, so it's more like a dirt fire road.

  5. Paul S.

    Isn't there a locked gate on a bridge down at the bottom old mill? I tried this connector but got turned away by the gate. Also, watch out for a guy who lives down there and drives a silver truck, he REALLY dislikes it when bikers trespass down there, I learned the hard way.

  6. Adrien Costa

    yeah, that gate was a toughie to get over, but I really didn't want to turn around. luckily, the place was deserted

  7. Santi Mestre Fos

    Man, after looking at your climbing rides I'm really looking forward to move to Cali. We don't have these climbs in Georgia...