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Glen Ogle 33

  • 32.4mi
  • 2,803ft
  • 5:58:18
    Moving Time
  • 11:07/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 3,243


  1. Calum V.
    Calum V.

    Well done

  2. Stuart M.
    Stuart M.

    Ur fastest split was ur last superb

  3. Fiona R.
    Fiona Rennie

    Thanks Calum.
    Yeah Stuart, I was feeling great, legs were supple and strong, I was pushing the last 3-ish miles (they were down hill) also I knew I would be close to the 6 hours and it made it interesting trying to go under, a wee sting in the tail for this year was a flaming lap in the park at the finish, last year we went straight over the grass! Maybe I shouldn't have paused to take so many photos! :D

  4. Stuart M.
    Stuart M.

    Maybe ur were just warmed up for the other 62 u usually do

  5. Alan M.
    Alan Murray

    Great job. I aspire to run that distance one day!!

  6. John O.
    John OConnor

    Wonderful Fiona.

  7. Alasdair M.
    Alasdair McCallum

    Brilliant Fiona and well done!

  8. Brenda D.
    Brenda Dixon

    Fantastic, well done! X

  9. Martin B.
    Martin Butcher

    Superb Fiona, well done, great running as always :-)