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CIM Marathon

  • 26.3mi
  • 2:19:53
    Moving Time
  • 5:19/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 3,526


  1. Brendan O'Brien

    Damn sorry you missed it again

  2. Francois V.

    Huge effort Sage! Well Done!

  3. Gary H.

    Still really good time. Some of use cant even do 1 mile at that pace if we try.

  4. Andrew Dorsett

    Feel for you man. Still an absolutely blinding run though but I know you wanted that spot!

  5. Osvaldo Cipriano Ⓥ

    Amazing race well done.

  6. Tom Dymond

    Unlucky Sage, keep trying! We know you are good enough! Still a ridiculous time, as others have said, most of us couldn't do a single mile at that pace, let alone 26.3!!!

  7. Connor Frisch

    Stunning effort none the less. Look positive on this. Your first 23 miles you were dropping utterly amazing splits! You're still everyone's hero!!

  8. James Tombs

    Unlucky Sage, great splits despite the weather.

  9. Benjo 1.

    Sooo close!!

  10. Alberto Rossi

    So much respect for you Sage!

  11. Mario D.

    Amazing effort! Keep it up.

  12. Steve Havas

    Very close Sage, next time! Do you think you were able to get enough fuel in to power the last several km?

  13. Steven Wilson

    Great effort Sage. Things could be worse, you could be stuck in Folsom with the blues.

  14. Sabrina Little

    You're amazing, Sage!

  15. Troy Brown

    Still a great run!!

  16. Rok J.


  17. Natalia Goreva

    You're such an inspiration for so many people, Sage! Congrats and good luck on your next one!

  18. Austin Anthony

    Kudos Sage. You'll get it next time!

  19. M. Saleh E.

    Better luck in Houston man! Get that OTQ!

  20. Jonathan Burchmore

    It's been inspiring to watch your quest for the OQ. Seeing how hard you work really drives home what an accomplishment a 2:18 marathon is.

  21. Daniel Zanatta

    keep up the good work!

  22. Rob Boyce

    Thanks for sharing your training and racing Sage!

  23. Danny Horgan

    You're a ballsy runner, Sage. Tons of respect for you and your decision to go after the OTQ when you had other options at the longer distances available.

  24. Nicholas Granet

    Amazing sage!

  25. Jeff D.

    Great effort. Get it in Houston, Sage!

  26. Jason N.

    Amazing running Sage!

  27. Jayden H.

    I'll be there in Houston to support you the weather in winter Texas is like Colorado summers

  28. Pedro S.

    Almost there Sage...you'll nail it next time!!

  29. David Johnson

    So close. Nice race though

  30. Spencer Ⓥ

    Huge effort Sage ! Well done man.

  31. Joshua Millard

    It's been a tough year of marathons with the weather, but you still have a lot of fans pulling for you. Texas welcomes you this January. You'll get it in Houston!

  32. Christian Messerschmidt

    Sage, what a great start to the race, Houston it is!

  33. Dave Hetzer

    Didn't you just recently get off of a brutal injury? And then pull this insane time....amazing run.

  34. Stéphane H.

    Great job Sage, last 4 kms killed your OTQ but keep going and get it in Houston.
    So inspiring !

  35. Markus S.

    Sage, still a great job! Keep the first 22 miles in mind. I am absolutely convinced that you got that OTQ in you... Wish you a good recovery and keep fingers crossed for Houston!

  36. Karl Borman

    Sage, your dauntless spirit and quest to get the OTQ is truly inspiring. Most athletes in your position would have given up long ago. The easy road would be just to fall back on what you are already great at (MUT) and not push yourself at the super competitive marathon distance/scene. You are an awesome example in athletic and mental endurance which is shown by your unbreakable attitude even after coming so close to your goal multiple times this year. I think that is why so many in our sport are endeared to you and look up to you. Don't lose heart or persistence. Will be rooting for you at Houston!

  37. Shannon S.


  38. Michael Conkel

    Dude, so close! You are the man sage!

  39. Nathan Walpole

    Great running Sage, you're so inspirational and a credit to the sport.

  40. Mauricio Bahia (FF Sports)

    So close! Now you are ready for the next challange and you will qualify. Cheers from Rio! :D

  41. Junaid Z.

    Had a shitty run today but when i saw this it made me feel even worse...sorry that you didn't get the 2:18 man, you are still a great runner, keep pushing hard!

  42. Eric ..

    Nice try Sage! Maybe if there'd been a tailwind the whole way, you could've got 2:18:00 or faster. Only the top five guys got the OTQ if they needed it. Still 10th place is great!

  43. David Gutierrez

    Great efforts Sage. You're awesome. Keep going, be relentless.

  44. Kraken Runner

    Great pace! Bravo!

  45. Brandon S.

    You are gaining on the clock!! Next one is yours!

  46. Patrick Voo

    oh man! so close yet again sage - sorry that it didn't fall all into place for you at CIM!

  47. Christopher Dills

    that is still Awesome! Sage you Rock bro!

  48. Jake S.

    Great effort! I know Houston will have that sub-2:18 for you!

  49. John Handcock

    I was there, awesome job sage! You are the man!

  50. Chuck Yockum Ⓥ

    Awesome race Sage..you will get it in Houston!