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Woodside Ramble

Run December 13, 2015
  • 20.6mi
  • 3,470ft
  • 2:57:41
    Moving Time
  • 8:36/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 3,481
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  1. Matt Saba

    Pretty decent run...jk, you're an animal

  2. Sean Iwata

    Sick..Nice run

  3. Tom A.

    Looks like a lovely place to run. Lucky boy.

  4. Sebastien Martinet

    Nice big run dude! How are the legs now after this crazy week?

  5. S E A N

    Beautiful run, Good job!

  6. Texas Star


  7. Steve Parker

    How was the weather?

  8. Daniel J.

    Hi Lance, watched The Program last night, very good. Stay Strong.

  9. Michael Lecocq

    Very strong

  10. Adrian BG

    Good run

  11. Di D.

    Holy Mac , this is crazy

  12. Pierre B.

    This can't be good for you ;-) Awesome crazy run!

  13. Chuck Yockum Ⓥ

    nice pace for some big miles..boss7x

  14. Bill Lloyd

    Musta been pretty wet up there on the Skyline trail! Hanging with Och or Dylan today? ;-)

  15. Serge Poliakov

    That's great, Lance. Bravo !

  16. M U.

    Good run for the 7x Tour de France champion!!!! You the man!!!!

  17. grant barker

    Looks warmer than England

  18. Justin R.

    You're my hero boss

  19. Mike Loring

    Nice long!

  20. Lance Armstrong

    Bill - you mean Cuervo?

  21. Adrian BG

    Hello Lance, you are the best !!!

  22. Bill Lloyd

    LOL, Lance. Yes, I mean Cuervo ;-)

  23. Rui Soeiro

    Champ!!!...training for some marathon?...

  24. Derrill Stepp

    Huddard / skyline's an excellent run but if you have time, let me suggest trying some other local favorites: Rancho San Antonio, wunderlich, Colero (South Bay), wilder ranch (Santa Cruz), or Tilden (Oakland).

  25. Jordon Appleby

    Lance let us know what your training for man???

  26. william Brabant

    Still a beast.

  27. John M.

    Congrats on the win! You are right next to Old LaHonda benchmark climb. You should give it a whirl. I've got a 58cm trek if you need one.

  28. Mike Loring

    "Easy like a Sunday Long"

  29. William Frykman

    Epic and off the hook...

  30. Tom Vaughn

    Nice Distance man! Another great run for a great guy.

  31. Ⓥ Jennifer Mora Ⓥ E.


  32. Donald Ward

    To heck with the bike.... Amazing....!! 7X

  33. Jerry H.

    Very nice! Glad to have you in our neck of woods.

  34. Ray Mulveny (1955)🇺🇸🎤🎸🐶

    Armstong you are still my fuckin hero!!

  35. Georgy Kartashov

    Lance, you should bike Old La Honda road in woodside. This is signature bike ride for whole Nor Cal

  36. morgan holland

    Nice win dude!Great victory

  37. Cody P.

    Amazing, would love to see what youd do to an Ironman

  38. Rida ..

    Congrats on the win! It would have been fantastic if you stopped by the shirts/awards trailer to pick up your winnings. The three of us working it think you're an incredible athlete and would have loved to meet you!

  39. Przemek Walczak

    Really cool Lance

  40. Daniel V.

    Congrats, dude!

  41. Matt R.

    Over 20 min quicker than the official winner. Great run.

  42. Jan Zorko

    Wow...You guys are crazy!

  43. Cheyenne McNutt

    Dang man, that's sick! Nice job!

  44. Roger Montes ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

    Great running with you yesterday, Lance!! You really opened the throttle at the half-way point. I could see you at the distance but couldn't quite close the gap. Great work. Cheers!

  45. Nelson Medeiros

    oh dear,,,,are we ready for this?

  46. Carlos A.

    Good run! Way to get out there

  47. Vivian W.

    Congrats. Trail races are a blast.

  48. Mike Daddona

    That's my neck of the woods (literally) I'll keep my eye out for a dude with huge legs running faster than the cyclists riding up it. I remember seeing you on Tunitis creek in the pouring rIn at tour of cali The pavement was turning to mush in the rain