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dropped. I am going to check my last years Vuelta times..

  • 152.4km
  • 4,043m
  • 4:10:18
    Moving Time
  • 6,567
  • 117
    Relative Effort


  1. Dan Evans

    Happens to us all at some point...

  2. Paddy Dunne

    LTD We'd be be more worried if any rider had endless days without having a really bad day in a stage race, however short. You'll be back kidder!

  3. Evert R.

    hou vol Laurens ik zie je er aardig aan trekken. Succes.

  4. Ali M.

    lots of climbs ;) well done

  5. Rob McGlinn

    Still better than me!! Go Laurens!

  6. jayne duvall

    ...jesus on a bike.

  7. Tim Barnard @CSC

    Bloodly light weight billy goats...It's just an off day we all have them. smash them next time.

  8. Delio B.

    At what time (distance) you dropped?

  9. Tom T.

    niet jouw dag en weer vandaag gewoon! Kop op!! You can do it.

  10. Rutger Teunissen

    11.44 vorig jaar en 13.42 dit jaar. Komt wel weer goed!

  11. Henk H.

    Wat een shit weer.

  12. Tim C.

    Briefly saw you on yesterdays coverage in the US. You are a beast! Awesome job. You will be back. No doubt.