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Zion Traverse Fastest Known Time as of 4/6/13 (actual time 7:27:46)

  • 48.1mi
  • 9,235ft
  • 7:21:55
    Moving Time
  • 9:10/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 7,052


  1. Travis Macy / Macy Endurance Coaching

    I didn't actually run 5:05 for mile 36! :-)

  2. Buzz B.

    Good job! Report it to Peter. (Plus you biked Kolob Res).

  3. Travis Macy / Macy Endurance Coaching

    Ran west to east with support. Got Vitargo bottles from crew at Wildcat and Connector junction and at the Grotto. Thanks to my family, Charles and Nick (support crew), the Fit for a Cause community (www.fitforacause.org), and Vitargo (www.genr8speed.com) for support. Vitargo was awesome for fuel, Hoka Stinson Evos were great, and CamelBack Ultra LR vest was awesome. It was an awesome day in a sweet place. Thanks to Andrew Skurka and Luke Nelson for route info, and I look forward to chiming in on with info for whoever wants to break it next time. Photos and video coming soon at www.followtravismacy.blogspot.com.

  4. ryan haebe

    Congrats! Way to go

  5. Andrew S.

    Dude! You're the man!

  6. B D.

    Any way you can put the gps on garmin connect or maybe email it to me please bogie_zion2013 at dumi.us ?

  7. Travis Macy / Macy Endurance Coaching

    Hey Bogie, Let me know if you can access this file: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/296002311. Note that I did west to east and I think most people do east to west. Please feel free to call/email if you want to chat route/logistics, and good luck if you are going for a record! Travis

  8. Jean-Marc Gulliet

    Congratulations Travis! I have just finished reading the chapter titled "Mindset 7" of your book "The Ultra Mindset." This chapter is a very nice and lively account of your trail. I really enjoy the book by the way. All the best.