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New Half Marathon PB - not bad for canal run

  • 13.2mi
  • 1:33:49
    Moving Time
  • 7:06/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,912


  1. Giacomo Squintani

    awesome work Sir!!!

  2. Nic W.

    Great time, Ken.

  3. Ken Hughes

    Thanks Guys, very pleased!! bit more training and a faster course and I might nip under 1:30

  4. Simon Walkden

    Great pace, Ken!

  5. Andrew Fletcher

    Excellent work Ken, I would say on a fast road course you would nail that 90 mins!!

  6. Ken Hughes

    A good pacer might help me nail it Andrew ;-) as it did for Mr Wells...

  7. Mike Wells

    Great run Ken! You'd smash 90mins on a fast road course, pacer or not, I'm sure. I know you're a stronger runner than I am, and I know I can still go faster than 1:29 (but probably not till Andrew paces me again at Wilmslow next year!)... :)