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A double session... of sorts

  • 73.3mi
  • 7,344ft
  • 4:39:09
    Moving Time
  • 3,603


  1. Cody LaVack

    Ted I recently moved to Candia, NH and realized you bike around this area. Any suggestions for some good rides or the best maple syrup?

  2. Ted King

    Yes Cody: ride everywhere because New Hampshire roads are awesome. And honestly as long as the one ingredient on the container of maple syrup is "Maple Syrup" (...and not corn syrup or flavoring or high fructose corn syrup), then you're doing it right.

    Go nuts. Enjoy.

  3. Bradley Helsel

    I agree with Ted on both accounts. Visit a local sugar house to get some fresh maple syrup. You won't regret it.

  4. Thomas Wanek

    Used to live in Chester. Can't remember the name, but there's a nice little sugar shack on Candia Road just before you get to Chester, on the left. And it's a good ride. :-)

  5. Dave M.

    Think we NH residents need to map out a century or so that hits about 5 to 6 sugar houses along the way. Hold it at the height of sap season. Shots at each house and maybe a microbrew (probably have to be a Dogfish Head 75') at the finish. Fundraiser for the preservation of pure, unadulterated NH maple syrup :-)

  6. jayne duvall

    no kudos for you...you have too many..