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Nic Bathgate

Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand
  • 502
    Activities in 2018
  • 3,871.0
    kilometers Run in 2018
  • 156

Stadium to Surf (7th men)

Run March 13, 2016
  • 10.0km
  • 40:15
    Moving Time
  • 4:01/km
    Avg Pace
  • 893
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  1. Richard D.
    Richard D.

    Well done - great result!

  2. Matt Ross
    Matt Ross

    Nice bro, you will be stoked with that :)

  3. Matt Ross
    Matt Ross

    PR on race day. Nice!

  4. Nic Bathgate
    Nic Bathgate

    Thanks guys :) the course is actually a bit harder than my last 10k PR so I didn't expect to beat it, I think the race environment had a dramatic effect! Stoked to get so close to sub-40 having not even run 10k in one go a few months ago, kind of wish I was just a few seconds faster though ;D

  5. James Blok
    James Blok

    Nice bro! Good run!

  6. Hadyn Youens
    Hadyn Youens

    You'll have to do another one then to break that 40...

  7. Danny Baillie
    Danny Baillie

    Well done Nic, quick progress to be running a 40min 10k already (with that hill too). Did they do timing? I can't find results on their website or facebook.

  8. Nic Bathgate
    Nic Bathgate

    Thanks Danny! They ditched the timing this year with an emphasis on Stadium to Surf becoming more of a fun run unfortunately! The message was 'participants are welcome to record their own times if they want to'. They didn't even record placings as far as I know, a fellow at the finish line who came in 5th for men was nice enough to inform me that I was 7th.

  9. Nic Bathgate
    Nic Bathgate

    Do you know of any local events aside from Three Peaks and the usual Park Runs between now and the Cadbury Marathon in September, Danny?

  10. Danny Baillie
    Danny Baillie

    There are lots winter races: the calendar is about to be released. If you're keen on these it's worth joining a club (I recommend Leith). They range from 5k around Forbury Park, cross country, Otago Road Championships (10k). All entrants are keen runners, but there is a broad range of standards, due to age etc. More general public races are http://www.otagopeninsulachallenge.co.nz on 24 April. And the Balcultha half, probably in June (if you count that as local).

  11. Nic Bathgate
    Nic Bathgate

    Thanks for the info Danny! Will the calendar be available on the Otago Athletics website when it's released? A friend of mine recommended ariki, is it best to join a club close to your location in the city? (I'm in Andersons Bay)

  12. Danny Baillie
    Danny Baillie

    The clubs usually put out the calendars in April. Best to choose a club based on who you want to spend time with. Go along to a few runs first to find out. For Leith, try the 3P orientation runs (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1406326782919108/) or training with Chris Sole (https://solephysiotherapy.wordpress.com/contact/). For Ariki, try an AWE (https://www.facebook.com/Ariki.AWE.Training/?fref=ts). You can do Sole or AWE runs if you're a member of another club, though. I don't think location is relevant (our Leith president lives on the peninsula). If your friend is in Ariki, that could be a good bet, but I'm happy with Leith.

  13. Danny Baillie
    Danny Baillie

    The Leith opening club run is 1:45pm Sat 2nd from Chingford Park. Also the 2nd 3Peaks orientation run is 9am Sun 3rd from Woodhaugh Gardens Pond.

  14. Nic Bathgate
    Nic Bathgate

    Thanks Danny! It looks like all the clubs are having their opening this Saturday, I'm hoping to visit several over the next few weeks and meet some local runners :) still trying to work out if I can get to the 3peaks orientation!


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