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05/04/2013 Marshall, VA

  • 133.3km
  • 2,345m
  • 4:15:57
    Moving Time
  • 4,044
  • 125
    Relative Effort


  1. Greg Gibson

    Man you were kickin' it today. Almost 27mph from Crest Hill to Washington and KOMs on both sides of Thornton Gap.

  2. Rob Marino


  3. Chris Giglio

    Missed you out there! I could have used a pull up Viewtown Rd!

  4. rick norton

    impressive - im guessing you had a headwind on the luray to skyline climb and you still crushed it. wintergreen tt was today - it would be interesting to see your improvement there. bummer we cant see you rip it up again in cali, but we'll root for you in europe instead.

  5. Kelly Williamson

    Did you pass any cars going up the climbs. Nicely done!

  6. Joe Dombrowski

    Thanks. Yes, headwind. No Cali but I might be in Colorado! We'll see.

    @Chris - Viewtown huh? We must have just missed each other.

  7. Chris Giglio

    Yeah, I guess I was on it around 1. I was so cooked it took me an hour to ride home to Winchester St from Amissville!

  8. Michael Russo

    dang JD

  9. Jeremy G.

    USAPCCCCC(C)! You will conquer that Vail TT course this year!

  10. Jeremiah BISHOP

    Yep a nice headwind. ;)