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Billy Haff

Boston, Massachusetts
  • 105
  • 992.6
    miles Run
  • 574


Run April 2, 2016
  • 48.8mi
  • 10,833ft
  • 10:26:52
    Moving Time
  • 15:41/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 8,483
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  1. Sasha Smiljanić

    Did you really run 75km?? Wtf that is some crazy shit ... Well done

  2. Billy Haff

    Haha thanks brother! It was pretty sweet! We ran from the south rim of the Grand Canyon to the north rim and then back again

  3. Sasha Smiljanić

    Yeah pretty frickin amazinballs - beast mode :)

  4. philip vondra

    Sweet!! I'm gonna do it in the fall

  5. Will S.

    Is that Tommy Rivers Puzey in your picture? That beast is a running legend. Congrats on a super run!

  6. Billy Haff

    Phillip are you doing SOS again? What else is on your list this year? Maybe we could link up for some fun?!

    Haha Will- that's the Rivs. We definitely had a solid day out there. Perfect conditions really.

  7. Graham Dessert

    Billy! Friends with James Lawrence - doing this next weekend - what was the temp in the Canyon?
    The trail maps we have show it as 43miles, an extra 5miles? Did you guys detour at the top of the north rim or was it really 48?

  8. Billy Haff

    It’s 48. Just be prepared for a long day and all@conditions. It was really cold to start and really hot in the canyon. If you think you have enough food and water, bring more