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05/13/2013 Murrieta, CA

  • 126.2mi
  • 8,967ft
  • 5:17:58
    Moving Time
  • 7,964


  1. Matt Adams

    Great ride today. 14th is very impressive. So stoked to watch you race and look forward to yelling for you on Diablo!

  2. Nathaniel English

    Thanks, Matt! I was pleased. I hope to keep it up all week if I can. Our team is going good, so as long as we stay safe and healthy, I think it'll be alright.

  3. Kevin Ahlvin

    Must have been one tough day out there with 105+ degrees. Great job - keep up the good work.

  4. Rick Campbell

    Amazing job. I'll be rooting for you on Diablo!

  5. Justin Rossi


  6. Misa Garcia

    Amazing work guys. I was there today cheering from the sidelines during the take off and finish line. You guys were amazing, and inspiring, had to rush home and get on my bike for a quick night ride.

  7. Nathaniel English

    Thanks for coming out to watch. We're just doing our best...

  8. Lalo G.

    Nate, I was watching the finish on my phone in the middle of Indiana. The video didn't show you crossing the line, but congrats on such a good finish! The conditions looked horrendous, it looks like peloton climbed its way out of hell yesterday. Hope it cools down a bit, wish I could be at Mt. Diablo to cheer you on.