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2016 Boston Marathon: If You're Going to Die, Do It in Front of Millions of People

Run April 18, 2016
  • 26.4mi
  • 3:24:19
    Moving Time
  • 7:45/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 3,235
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  1. Chris J.

    Great job buddy! It was a hot one today!

  2. Mike Mannix


  3. Jimmy Mac

    Crowd got me through it, what a tough day. Still had a blast! Thanks guys!

  4. Joseph Jensen

    Looks mint to me! Congrats! 3/4 of my buds ran 30min+ slower than last year. Tough one today!

  5. Gareth Williams

    Nice work Jim! Way to tough it out!

  6. Steve W.

    Jimmy Mac!

  7. Steve Due

    Strong work in the heat. Congrats!

  8. Jimmy Mac

    This one was definitely a character builder. Thanks for all the kind words!

  9. Gareth Spor Ⓥ

    Yeah dude!!!

  10. Nichole Reynolds

    Nice work! Congrats

  11. Nicolas Tyhurst

    Nicely done

  12. Carl Ciochon

    I hear ya . . . there is no hiding from BC on in.

  13. Jimmy Mac

    Carl, I started working the crowd at BC, getting them to cheer louder. I hope the on-course photographers got me doing that. I also hope there are no photos of me near Heartbreak, people kept telling me I looked good but they all lied.

  14. Miguel D.

    Great work, congrats Jim!