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Family spin with a full gas Old la Honda

Ride May 14, 2016
  • 64.3km
  • 1,222m
  • 2:16:39
    Moving Time
  • 2,020
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  1. Colin D.

    Yeesh! Too fast

  2. Tim C.


  3. Oliver O'Sullivan

    Well, if anyone was going to beat that KOM, it was probably going to be you :P

  4. Oliver O'Sullivan

    I think it might have been cooler with the "2011" on it though!

  5. Bob M.


  6. Ryan Sherlock

    Yeah... instead of 418W it is 451W to only go 3 seconds faster. Carrying a bit 'extra' (enjoying too much in Mexico/Vegas etc...) but really enjoying just riding and having fun on the bike.

  7. Brian Schuster

    OLH KOM, no biggie.

  8. Franco Campilongo Terun / iTalico

    Mamma Mia!!! Impressive

  9. Jp F.

    You're an animal! Where do they get the great names like 'old la Honda'. Not sure why but I love saying that name out loud.

  10. Ryan Sherlock

    Haha, great name alright. La Honda is the tiny village close to the top and I guess this is the old road up?

  11. Chris Phipps

    Wow, very impressive!

  12. Maico Campilongo Terun - iTalico

    You man are incredible! Fantastic great

  13. Don Fabiano

    Old La Honda Road is Strava's most popular segment. Around here, it is everyone's "benchmark" climb. Just 3.2 miles (5.15 km), it is a steady climb, completely shaded by redwood trees. Ryan Sherlock has proven twice that nobody does it better.

  14. Ryan Sherlock

    ... and if I could drink a little less Sangraia & co on holidays, crack 14 :) 451W at my 'normal' weight would have been around the mark.