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Audax UK calendar event – "Bryan Chapman Memorial" (600km)

  • 591.3km
  • 6,602m
  • 29:16:48
    Moving Time
  • 13,424
  • 710
    Suffer Score


  1. Sebastien C.
    Sebastien Cosnefroy

    Whaah! Chapeau !!

  2. Bill P.
    Bill Perry

    Amazing ride Alex!

  3. Paul D.
    Paul Downey

    Wait, WAT? That's insane!

  4. John J.
    John Jackson

    Well done, Alex. Fantastic achievement!

  5. Nick W.
    Nick Wilkinson

    Well done Alex — from what I hear the changes to the route this year made it MORE entertaining, particularly the now-lumpy final run back to Chepstow :) I was a bit nervous watching your tracker at times ...

  6. Alex B.
    Alex B.

    Thanks guys! Bit sore this morning. @Nick - yes, was pottering around enjoying Wales yesterday afternoon when I suddenly realised there was an audax to finish and had to get a shifty on!

  7. Nick W.
    Nick Wilkinson

    Wales is like that — my favourite place in the UK :)

  8. Belinda B.
    Belinda Borneo

    Fantastic effort Alex. Well done!

  9. Sheila G.
    Sheila George

    That's an amazing feat Alex. I was travelling home from Wales on the train on Saturday so could have passed you! :)

  10. Jeff G.
    Jeff G.

    Well done, Alex. It was great meeting you and ridding with you. Hope to see you again on another epic ride. ;-)

  11. Alex B.
    Alex B.

    @Jeff - likewise! The return leg was fun (FSVO "fun") in our impromptu group. I'm sure our paths will cross again somewhere in audaxland. BTW, if you're in touch with Richard could you give him my email (adjb@adjb.net) as I want to do some photo sharing with him ... ?

  12. Jeff G.
    Jeff G.

    No worries Alex. I'll forward your details to him. ;-)

  13. Alex B.
    Alex B.

    Ride report now up at http://blog.ctc-cambridge.org.uk/2016/05/14-may-bryan-chapman-memorial-600km.html

  14. Torc T.
    Torc T.

    Chapeau! Thank you for the write up and sharing your experience.