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I swallowed three bugs on the second Daag of de Panne. Which is gross since these are Belgian farm bugs, so surely they were just hanging out on some cow poo.

  • 134.6mi
  • 2,847ft
  • 5:04:48
    Moving Time
  • 163
    Suffer Score


  1. Paul Wren

    Any commentary? We seem to get only the briefest recap from this side of the pond.

  2. Brian Raney

    Maybe the bugs are the ones that help ferment the grain in the barn lofts for Belgian beers!

  3. Nikita L.
    Nikita L.

    Just think of it as an extra feed zone.

  4. Pete L.
    Pete L.

    So the question is, do they taste any different than NH moose poo bugs?

  5. Sean G.
    Sean G.

    Vermont mud?

  6. P. Kelly

    cow poo has carbs!!!

  7. Becky Baumeister

    Poo bugs are like mini E. coli vaccines :)

  8. Isaac Sheets

    Sounds delicious. Great race today.

  9. Anthony R.
    Anthony R.

    Another nice day in Belgium :)

  10. Christopher  Z.
    Christopher Z.


  11. Jukka V.
    Jukka V.

    Protein and maybe some Belgian chocolate

  12. Mario C.
    Mario C.

    Uhmmm protein...