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Terry Jones

Over, England, United Kingdom
  • 318
    Activities in 2018
  • 7,174.6
    kilometers Ridden in 2018
  • 152

Gran Fondo ToC

Ride June 5, 2016
  • 134.3km
  • 347m
  • 3:29:00
    Moving Time
  • 2,369
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  1. James Wood
    James Wood

    That's awesome Terry!! congratulations

  2. Terry Jones
    Terry Jones

    @James - thanks. I think it's mainly down to luck, depending on what group you end up in, whether you manage to avoid the crashes, etc. I was SO close to crashing 3 times... very lucky not to have gone down. It was a weird ride for me. We didn't seem to be going very hard / fast, but I had cramps for at least half the ride. I was mainly trying to manage that. Most of the time it was just cruising in a group. There were so many riders out, even if you wanted to go faster it was really hard due to rider density. I guess it was the same for you.

  3. Brian (B) S.
    Brian (B) S.

    Well done great effort.

  4. Ian Carter
    Ian Carter

    Very impressive Terry

  5. Paolo Falkner
    Paolo Falkner

    Great pace,very well done.

  6. Terry Jones
    Terry Jones

    Thanks Brian & Ian. It was a really weird event for me. I've never had cramps like that before. I felt strong but also super fragile at the same time, yelping with pain over every bump :-)

  7. Terry Jones
    Terry Jones

    Thanks Paolo! :-)

  8. Kevin H.
    Kevin H.

    Top work terry!! those club runs and training have really paid off!! Well done

  9. Sarah G.
    Sarah G.

    Blinking heck, Terry, that was seriously fast.

  10. Terry Jones
    Terry Jones

    Kevin - thanks (including for all the club rides)! I'm sure you're right about the training. Actually, today was quite like a club ride, except without any time pulling on the front :-)

  11. Terry Jones
    Terry Jones

    @Sarah - blinking heck? :-) It was fun out there, though very painful much of the time. I'm looking forward to some fun and relaxing riding around now, without feeling any need to make myself faster / fitter, etc.

  12. Richard N.
    Richard N.

    Great job terry, it can beneficial to in a large group, but also risky. Great event, I enjoyed the encouragement from spectators.

  13. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    Well done Terry.....off to Perth then?

  14. Terry Jones
    Terry Jones

    Hi James, thanks! I've no plan to go to Perth... it's a bit far, and although the racing is fun in many ways I'm not sure I need it in my life :-) I'm still enjoying learning a lot about cycling and myself as a result of trying to get better, and am glad I did the ToC as a yardstick against last year when I didn't even have a road bike.


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