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SDW100 (official 17:12:41)

  • 98.7mi
  • 10,839ft
  • 16:56:57
    Moving Time
  • 10:18/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 10,945


  1. Iain Bareham

    Congratulations, an amazing run.

  2. Sarah Sawyer

    Amazing Debs, you make it look so 'easy'! X

  3. Ian T.
    Ian T.

    Congratulations,amazing run.

  4. D C.
    D C.

    Great stuff

  5. Noel Stoddart


  6. T  M.
    T M.

    Very inspirational!

  7. Paul Navesey

    Not bad at all!!! Well done buddy!!

  8. Conrad W.
    Conrad W.

    Knew I should have gone to the bookies!

  9. Martin D.
    Martin D.

    Cracking run !! Awesome !

  10. Sharon Bareham

    Wow!!! absolutely outstanding ❤️

  11. claire Shelley

    Fantastic running Debs - that's how 100 miles should be ran :-D xxx

  12. Rich Wilson

    Textbook victory! Congrats! :)

  13. Aileen W.
    Aileen W.

    Tremendous stuff!

  14. Scott Harris

    Yes! Awesome running.

  15. Karl Walker 🏃🏊🚴💯

    Amazing time ,well done,tough out there in the heat!

  16. Barry Q.
    Barry Q.

    Superb Debbie!!! Well done

  17. Mark Ryan

    Legend! Awesome running, well done Debbie. ;-)

  18. Siouxsie G.
    Siouxsie G.

    What a run. Brilliant.

  19. Rupert Bonington www.mountainfuel.co.uk

    Awesome run, well done :-)

  20. Paul Rutter

    Wow! Nice run :)

  21. Andrew Darby

    Inspiring to watch you run and you never stopped smiling all day!

  22. Gavin B.
    Gavin B.

    Awesome job Debbie, really well done. All that hardcore gym work is obviously helping

  23. Stephen S.
    Stephen S.


  24. Richard Cooper

    Ridiculously unbelievable. Well done (huge understatement)!!

  25. James S.
    James S.


  26. Austin Blackburn

    Awesome :)

  27. Andy Jordan

    Brilliant - well done Debbie!

  28. Craig B.
    Craig B.

    Fantastic - very well done!

  29. Joanne Hazell

    Amazing as always

  30. Victoria J.
    Victoria J.

    Having run 3 Legs of the SDW relay - I bow down to your awesomeness x

  31. Neil Beacher

    Congratulations - fantastic run.

  32. Paul C.
    Paul C.

    Awesome effort Debs! Pleasure to crew as always... If it's too much to carry I can look after your trophy for a bit, plenty of space in my trophy cabinet

  33. Lynsey Hunter

    Congratulations Debbie. That's amazing x

  34. Bryn Jones

    You are an inspiration. Congratulation to you! Immense

  35. Matt Wilson

    Well deserved win Debs. Congrats on another great run!

  36. James Elson

    Well done Champ. You are the master.

  37. Kevin Lelland


  38. Mark Garratt

    Well done you took an hour off me and i felt ok great running

  39. Debbie Martin-Consani

    Thank you for all the lovely comments. I've still got a big daft grin on my face :-) xx