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guess strava gives me a tough suffer score today.

  • 166.6km
  • 5,249m
  • 4:43:33
    Moving Time
  • 7,339
  • 163
    Suffer Score


  1. Frank Aarts

    Ziet er uit als een wandeletappe, snelheid en dergelijke

  2. Pete B.
    Pete B.

    Great to see you up there on GC. You need to reclassify this as a ride not a run though!

  3. Strava A.
    Strava A.

    Even more impressive that you ran with the peloton today!

  4. David M.
    David M.

    You're going to blow up Strava!

  5. Lennart Paasse

    Super weer!!!

  6. Alessio Durante

    Awesome Tour, Laurens!

  7. Davy J.
    Davy J.

    Klasse !

  8. Brasi K.
    Brasi K.

    groots !

  9. Peter Minnaar

    Mooi om te zien.

  10. Zach M.
    Zach M.

    Really impressive in the mountains Laurens

  11. Jon "La Cucaracha" Lidster

    Awesome again Ten men

  12. Tom Edwards

    its over 9000!

  13. John S.
    John S.

    That's a lot of crowns

  14. Phil Koenig

    This is really great to watch. Your class is showing through. BRAVO!

  15. Tim van Dreumel

    Goed bezig laurens , mooi om te zien dat de nl-ers weer mee doen ! Echt diep respect voor jullie !!! groeten en succes , we blijven jullie volgen !

  16. Marcel K.
    Marcel K.

    Klasse man!! en nog op je trainings bike ook WOW

  17. Strava A.
    Strava A.

    Can't believe you attacked a fading Contador yesterday! Enjoy your rest day you earned it.

  18. Swiss Y.
    Swiss Y.

    Awesome day and Tour. Good Luck!

  19. Fidel K.
    Fidel K.

    Great performance by you and Bauke: destroyed all of Sky except Chris Froome! Good luck for the next stages and especially for the upcoming ITT! Hang in tight!

  20. Charles H.
    Charles H.

    Thank you for giving us a glimpse into the leader's stats

  21. Craig Kirby

    Well done!!

  22. Mike Smith

    Awesome way to climb the G C ladder on such a tough day !!!!

  23. Aaron H.
    Aaron H.

    thanks for posting this. Awesome! 17,220ft. WTF!

  24. Strava A.
    Strava A.

    ik hoef je niet te vertellen dat je heel goed bezig bent .
    man geweldig .
    tacties slim probeer een keer te gaan .
    en stiphout loopt helemaal uit voor je

  25. John Toor

    Strava isn't very kind to you with Suffer Scores because your heart rate isn't high enough. How do you do a stage like this and only do 2% in Zone 4? Amazing to us mortals. Got to work harder if you want high suffer scores though :)

  26. Michael "Benny" B.
    Michael "Benny" B.

    Great job yesterday and today...keep plugging along and stay healthy!!

  27. Spin Vicariously

    Excellent to see you hanging with GC to the end again today - stay in the hunt!

  28. Philippe L.
    Philippe L.

    vierde plaatz, goed gedaan Laurens

  29. Stefan W.
    Stefan W.

    LTD Held!!

  30. Nick K.
    Nick K.

    Congrats. Keep going!!

  31. Daniel Kemp

    incredible job Laurens - keep it going !!!

  32. Gabe Scott

    I know I probably won't get an answer......but.....who do you ride for? I record and watch the Tour De France daily and you are killing the hills but I don't see you on TV?

  33. Jason Hughes

    He rides for Belkin...Great job Laurens, keep up the fire!

  34. Laurence D.
    Laurence D.

    Amazing riding, great to see a tour contender on Strava.

  35. Gabe Scott

    Thank you Jason, If you do read these comments after your SUPER BUSY 3 weeks......Great F N Job! So crazy to watch on STRAVA!!!! Thank you!

  36. Charles Wang

    Amazing ride! And yes on TV you guys did look like you suffered quite a bit!

  37. Coen van Hees

    Tot nu toe GEWELDIG! Rustdag goed verteren ! Gisteren genoten van jou, bauke en robert! Maar ook Wout Poels reed super!

  38. Leo D.
    Leo D.

    Goed bezig LTD

  39. Otto Martinez

    Awesome ride today!!

  40. John O.
    John O.

    Lower your Max HR in settings, you never seem to go that high much anyway, 220 -32ish put it at 185 :-) You will set massive scores. p.s. if most of us mere mortals rode what you did our HR's would be MAX at half the speed and take 3 days to come down.

  41. Kristian V.
    Kristian V.

    Keep up the good work Laurens!!! Fantastic!!!!

  42. Randy Libby

    Way to go Laurens! Keep up the good work!!!

  43. Maurice S.
    Maurice S.

    Goed gereden Laurens! Keep up the good work!

  44. Bas L.
    Bas L.

    Laurence bedankt man, zit te genieten van de tour. Held!

  45. Michel Emmenegger

    wow, that really was a tough stage....

  46. Rick S.
    Rick S.

    Een fantastische tour tot zover! Lekker bezig, nog even door bikkelen tot in Parijs. Zet hem op!

  47. Joost D.
    Joost D.

    Nederland geniet!!!!

  48. Peter A.
    Peter A.

    One word wow!

  49. Dick Jan V.
    Dick Jan V.

    Petje af! En dank voor de strava Updates!